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DPACS Webinar Series 2 of 3: SDG 16:10 – how ensuring public access to information can help to build peaceful and inclusive societies

13 October, 2016

Second installment of the 3 part webinar series hosted by DPACS. 

Webinar 2: Peace Journalism in media development aid

The freedom of journalists to report on matters of public interest, without fear of reprisals, is seen as key to delivering SDG 16:10. But journalism in both the developed and the developing world has often been seen as imperilling peace – from partisan media in Rwanda and their complicity in genocide, to the New York Times reporting of Iraq's so-called "weapons of mass destruction" in the build-up to the invasion of 2003. In response to such concerns, a globally distributed reform movement has emerged, based on Peace Journalism, or – as it is sometimes known - conflict–sensitive reporting. Jake Lynch has been the chief ideas-giver of this movement, and has been commissioned to devise and carry out media development aid interventions, in the form of journalist training programs, in many conflict-affected societies, for clients including all the major development agencies. In this webinar, he presents the prospects for Peace Journalism to be extended as a contribution to building peaceful and inclusive societies, and enabling development.


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Contact:Megan Capriccio