Lyn Dickens

Lyn Dickens is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, the University of Sydney. Her thesis examines representations of mixed race Eurasians in Australian cultural production and their relationships with constructions of Australian national identity.

Lyn is currently attending the English Faculty at the University of Cambridge as an Academic Visitor and a member of Emmanuel College.

Refereed Journal Articles
Lyn Dickens, ‘Marginalising Multiraciality in Miss Saigon: An Analysis of Print Media’s Effects on People of Mixed Race’, Global Media Journal: Australian Edition, Volume 3, Issue 1, 2009.

Lyn Dickens, ‘Fragmenting Feminism and the Familiar: The Death of the Universal Woman and the Process of Peace’, Antithesis, Volume 19, 2009, 182-195.

Conference Presentations
Lyn Dickens, ‘“Creole Beauty”: Constructions of Eurasian femininity in This Earth of Mankind, The Persimmon Tree and The Travel Writer’, paper presented at Transcultural Mappings: emerging issues in comparative, transnational and area studies, the University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, April 11 2010.

Lyn Dickens, ‘Being a Eurasian Australian’, Yemaya: voicing women's ideas and images Sydney University Law Society, 2010.

Lyn Dickens, ‘A war on women’, On Line Opinion, 4 June 2010