Dr Lynda-ann Blanchard

Dr Lynda Blanchard


Dr. Lynda-ann Blanchard is Honorary Associate and has been a Lecturer and Postgraduate Research Coordinator at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney and at the Centre for Human Rights Education, Curtin University, Australia. She is former executive officer of the Sydney Peace Foundation, executive member of the Australian Council for Human Rights Education, founding executive member of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism (Australia), international member of TRANSCEND Peace and Development Network, and consultant to the Conflict Resolution Network.

Research interests focus on the intersections between cultural difference and social justice. She has conducted interdisciplinary national and international research on topics including non-adversarial government policy and practice; human security and global governance; corporate-social responsibility; and issues of Indigenous self-determination. She has been a featured peace education speaker and workshop facilitator for the Japanese Association of Language Teachers (JALT) and a guest lecturer at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) London University (UK); Institute of Feministic Studies, University of Innsbruck (Austria); and Instituto de la Paz y Los Conflictos, University of Granada (Spain).

Development and Coordination of Graduate Courses include:

  • Key Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Gender and the Development of Peace
  • Peace through Tourism
  • Philosophy and Practice of Nonviolence
  • Human Rights, Peace and Justice
  • Community Development and Consciousness-Raising
  • Activism, Advocacy and Social Change
  • Theory, Practice and Ethics of Research

Research Coordination and Supervision projects include:

  • Promoting Peaceful Dialogue in Contested Spaces
  • Peacebuilding as Political Practice
  • Social Transformation in Nepal: A Gender Perspective
  • Pacific Health: A Peace with Justice Perspective
  • Narratology and Positive Peace
  • Inter-Group Conflict and Modern Fiji

Dr. Blanchard is an editorial board member for The Journal of Tourism and Peace Research. Publications include several articles for national and international books and journals. She is co-editor of Conversations in Peace (2015); Peace Through Tourism (2013); Ending War, Building Peace (2009); Managing Creatively: Human Agendas from Changing Times (1996) and has collaborated on Human Rights Corporate Responsibility: A Dialogue (2000); Indigenous People and the Law in Australia (1995); and Women, Male Violence and the Law (1994).