Department of Philosophy Academic Staff

  • Professor Peter Anstey
    early modern philosophy; philosophy of science; ancient philosophy; metaphysics
  • Professor Rick Benitez
    Ancient Philosophy; Greek Tragedy; Ethics and Aesthetics; Philosophy of Law
  • Dr Pierrick Bourrat
    Philosophy of biology; philosophy of science; evolutionary biology; cognitive sciences
  • Professor David Braddon-Mitchell
    Philosophy of mind; metaphysics; philosophy of science; philosophy of biology and epistemology
  • Dr Brett Calcott
    Novelty, evolvability, and the various evolutionary transitions
  • Professor Mark Colyvan
    Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Logic; Philosophy of Mathematics; Philosophy of Ecology; Decision Theory
  • Professor Moira Gatens
    Social and political philosophy; 17th century rationalism, especially Spinoza; philosophy and literature; feminist philosophy
  • Professor Paul Griffiths
    Philosophy and history of biology; philosophy of psychology; philosophy of science
  • Associate Professor John Grumley
    Social and poltical philosophy; German Idealism; Critical theory from Marx to Habermas; Theories of Modernity; philosophy of 'mere life'
  • Dr Brian Hedden
    Epistemology; decision theory/practical rationality; probability; philosophy of science; philosophy of language
  • Professor Duncan Ivison
    Contemporary political philosophy; history of political and moral philosophy, especially in the early modern period
  • Dr Alex Lefebvre
    Political philosophy; Human rights; Jurisprudence; Modern and contemporary French thought
  • Associate Professor David Macarthur
    Contemporary Pragmatism; Liberal Naturalism; Skepticism; Metaphysical Quietism; Philosophy of Language; Wittgenstein; Philosophy of Art
  • Dr John Matthewson
    Philosophy of science; Philosophy of biology; Philosophy of medicine; Applied ethics
  • Associate Professor Kristie Miller
    Metaphysics; philosophy of mind; philosophy of time
  • Dr Dalia Nassar
    German romantic and idealist philosophy; history of the idea of nature; environmental philosophy; aesthetics; hermeneutics; theories of interpretation
  • Dr Maureen O'Malley
    Philosophy of microbiology, philosophy of biology, philosophy of science
  • Dr Arnaud Pocheville
    Evolutionary biology; ecology; philosophy of biology
  • Professor Paul Redding
    Kant and German idealism; hermeneutics; philosophy of psychology
  • Associate Professor Luke Russell
    Ethics; moral psychology; virtue and vice; evil; forgiveness
  • Dr Samuel Shpall
    Ethics and moral psychology; aesthetics, especially the interpretation and value of art; the philosophy of action; social and political philosophy; and the philosophy of law
  • Associate Professor Nick Smith
    Logic, especially logics of vagueness and theories of truth; metaphysics; philosophy of language; philosophy of time, especially time travel; early analytic philosophy, especially Frege; probability and decision theory
  • Dr Anik Waldow
    17th and 18th century philosophy, especially Hume; scepticism; sympathy and other minds
  • Dr Caroline West
    Metaphysics, especially identity, persistence and personal identity; moral philosophy; applied and professional ethics; political philosophy; feminist philosophy; philosophy and psychology of well-being