Department of Political Economy

Political Economy at the University of Sydney is taught by the largest grouping of political economists at any Australian university. It offers the most developed and integrated undergraduate and graduate courses and is recognised as a leading centre of economic analysis and research.

The study of political economy rests on the central proposition that economic processes do not take place in isolation from social and political processes. It contends that, beyond technical economic debates, the critical issues for understanding economic processes are the broader questions - such as the dynamics of globalisation and the implications for national economic policy settings; the concentration of economic activity, wealth and opportunities; the trade-offs between the free market perspective and broader social concerns; economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Latest News

  • Tim Anderson’s New Book: ‘Land and Livelihoods in Papua New Guinea’

    Tim Anderson’s new book, ‘Land and Livelihoods in Papua New Guinea’ argues that notions of ‘economy’ and ‘development’ have no meaning without a broad and inclusive focus on the livelihoods of local inhabitants. Combining existing evidence with original studies it charts the economic options for rural families, suggesting their best way forward is by maintaining customary land as the basis for rich hybrid livelihoods.

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