Department of Political Economy

Political Economy at the University of Sydney is taught by the largest grouping of political economists at any Australian university. It offers the most developed and integrated undergraduate and graduate courses and is recognised as a leading centre of economic analysis and research.

The study of political economy rests on the central proposition that economic processes do not take place in isolation from social and political processes. It contends that, beyond technical economic debates, the critical issues for understanding economic processes are the broader questions - such as the dynamics of globalisation and the implications for national economic policy settings; the concentration of economic activity, wealth and opportunities; the trade-offs between the free market perspective and broader social concerns; economic growth and environmental sustainability.



Latest News

  • 'When there's friction we're very frank'

    Alex Houseman and Eleanor Nurse met while completing their honours in Political Economy, and have gone on to create a a successful dairy-free ice cream business, Over The Moo. They spoke with Sydney Morning Herald about the challenges and rewards of starting a business and keeping a balanced working relationship. Read more.

  • A new critique of neoliberal reason

    Since the financial crisis of 2007/2008 movements like Occupy Wall Street have produced a degree of popular engagement with questions about finance, that hasn't been seen since the late 19th century. In his latest book, Capital and Time, A/Prof Martijn Konings explains why in this new context it's important to get our critique of the financial system right.

  • The time of finance

    A critique of Professor Steve Keen's take on Minsky, and a discussion of the contemporary meaning of Keynesianism, by A/Prof Martijn Konings for the Los Angeles Review of Books.