Postgraduate Research Studies in Political Economy

The Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney is a unique, internationally recognised centre of political economic analysis and research.

Its research and teaching seeks to put the economic within a broader social and political context. Staff and research students work in a variety of disciplinary areas, including post-Keynesian, Marxian, feminist and institutionalist economics, economic history and the history of economic thought, economic sociology and geography, international political economy, development, and labour studies.

Postgraduate students in Political Economy are part of a rich intellectual environment, encouraged to participate in regular reading groups and seminars with other students and faculty, and frequently publishing in peer-reviewed journals during their candidature.

The Department offers the following research degrees:

The Department of Political Economy Postgraduate Research Coordinator is Associate Professor Martijn Konings.

Our Students

Student profiles for our HDR students in Political Economy are currently as follows: