Academic Staff

Chair of Department

  Professor Adam David Morton Chair of Department

Academic Staff

  Dr Tim Anderson Senior Lecturer
  Dr Michael Beggs Lecturer
  Professor Dick Bryan Professor
  Dr Gareth Bryant Lecturer
  Assoc. Prof. Damien Cahill Associate Professor
  Dr Lynne Chester Senior Lecturer
  Assoc. Prof. Bill Dunn Associate Professor
  Dr Joseph Halevi Senior Lecturer
  Dr Elizabeth Hill Senior Lecturer
  Assoc. Prof. Martijn Konings Associate Professor
  Professor Adam David Morton Professor
  Assoc. Prof. Stuart Rosewarne Associate Professor
  Dr Susan Schroeder Lecturer

Emeritus Professor

  Professor Frank Stilwell Emeritus Professor

Honorary Associates

  Dr Gavan Butler  Honorary Associate
  Dr Evan Jones  Honorary Associate
  Dr Joy Paton  Honorary Associate
  Dr Patricia Ranald  Honorary Associate
  Assoc. Professor Ariel Salleh  Honorary Associate
  Dr Phillip Toner  Honorary Associate