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Volume 27, 2014 - released September 2016

THERE AND BACK AGAIN. Proceedings of the Colloquium held at the University of Geneva on 7-8 November, 2014
Edited by Patrizia Birchler Emery

  • Jacques Chamay, 1964–2014 : cinquante ans d’archéologie classique
  • Judith McKenzie, From Basel to Alexandria via Sydney (with French transl. by Sarah Norodom)
  • Patrizia Birchler Emery, Du vieillard au satyre : une histoire tirée par les cheveux
  • Fabia Curti, La céramique apulienne à figures rouges du point de vue du décor accessoire
  • Camilla Norman, Workshops and Regional Variation of Daunian Stelai: Observations Based on Two Stelai in Geneva
  • Elodie Paillard, The Structural Evolution of Fifth-century Athenian Society: Archaeological Evidence and Literary Sources
  • Valeria Pratolongo, Grecs et indigènes à l’époque classique en Sicile orientale
  • Marzia Vinci, Origini e sviluppo dell’iconografia dei Lari : Lari domestici e Lari compitali
  • Anne de Weck, Un ex-voto à Mercure en remploi dans une tombe mérovingienne à St-Antoine/GE


  • Alexandre Cambitoglou et Jacques Chamay, Cratère apulien représentant l’apothéose d’Héraclès et l’anodos d’Adonis, par le peintre de Gioia del Colle

Australian Fieldwork in the Mediterranean Region

  • L. A. Beaumont, B. McLoughlin, M. C. Miller, S. A. Paspalas, Zagora Archaeological Project: the 2013 Field Season
  • J. L. Beness, T. Hillard, R. Jones, G. Tsokas, P. Tsourlos, Torone: the 2015 Season

Volume 26, 2013

  • S. Bourke, Basil Hennessy A.O. 1925–2013
  • L. Morandi, Early Iron Age Finds from the Villanovan Cemetery of Colle Baroncio: Remarks on Early Vetulonia and Its Connections
  • E. G. D. Robinson, New Pixe-Pigme Analyses for South Italian Pottery
  • M. Mottram, Emerging Evidence for the Pre-Hellenistic Occupation of Jebel Khalid
  • M. O’Hea, A Lion-Bowl and Other Worked Stone Objects from Jebel Khalid
  • J. Ramsay and R. J. A. Wilson, Funerary Dining in Early Byzantine Sicily: Archaeobotanical Evidence from Kaukana
  • Vasil Bereti, Gionata Consagra, Jean-Paul Descœudres, Saïmir Shpuza, Christian Zindel, Orikos – Oricum. Final Report on the Albano-Swiss Excavations, 2007-2010

Volume 25, 2012

[[b||ZAGORA IN CONTEXT. Settlement and Intercommunal Links in the Geometric Period (900–700 BC). Proceedings of the Conference held by The Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens and The Archaeological Society at Athens, Athens, 20–22 May, 2012. Edited by Jean-Paul Descœudres and Stavros A. Paspalas

  • Alexandros P. Gounaris, Zagora: the ‘Harvest’. The contribution of Zagora to the study of the built environment of the Geometric period
  • Catherine Morgan, Setting Zagora in Context
  • Lesley Beaumont, Margaret C. Miller and Stavros A. Paspalas, New investigations at Zagora: the Zagora Archaeological Project 2012
  • Stavros A. Paspalas, Painted Coarse-ware from Zagora
  • Christina A. Televantou, Hypsele on Andros: the Geometric Phase
  • Demetrius Schilardi, Koukounaries of Paros and Zagora of Andros. Observations on the history of two contemporary communities
  • Susan Langdon, Seeking Social Life in the Early Iron Age Cyclades
  • Alexander Mazarakis Ainian, The Domestic and Sacred Space of Zagora in the Context of the South Euboean Gulf
  • Vicky Vlachou, Figurative Pottery from Oropos and Zagora: a Comparative Analysis
  • Jean-Sébastien Gros, Les pithoi. Notes sur le stockage et l’économie domestique dans le monde grec du début de l’Age du Fer
  • Irene S. Lemos, The Missing Dead: Late Geometric Burials at Lefkandi
  • Ian K. Whitbread and Antonia Livieratou, Early Iron Age Coarse-ware Pottery in Context. New finds from the settlement of Xeropolis at Lefkandi
  • Samuel Verdan, Geometric Eretria: Some Thoughts on Old Data
  • Jan Paul Crielaard, The Early Iron Age Sanctuary and Settlement at Karystos-Plakari
  • Donald C. Haggis, The Structuring of Urban Space in Archaic Crete: an Example of Settlement Development from the Early Iron Age to Archaic Periods
  • Nota Kourou, Cypriots and Levantines in the Central Aegean during the Geometric Period: the Nature of Contacts
  • Barbara Leone, A Trade Route between Euboea and the Northern Aegean
  • Antonis Kotsonas, What makes a Euboean Colony or Trading Station? Zagora in the Cyclades, Methone in the Thermaic Gulf, and Aegean Networks in the 8th Century BC
  • Michalis A. Tiverios, Andros and Its Colonies
  • Francesca Mermati, Osservazioni sulla costruzione dell’identità coloniale tra Pithekoussai e Cuma
  • Maria Costanza Lentini, Recent Investigation of the Early Settlement Levels at Sicilian Naxos

Volume 24, 2011

  • Sophia Asouchidou and Pantelis Nigdelis, Torone after 348 BC: New Epigraphic Evidence
  • Catherine Ricochon, Les pendants d’oreilles étrusques à barillet: un témoignage éclatant de l’apogée d’une civilisation au carrefour de la vie et de la mort
  • Fabia Curti, La ceramica listata
  • Jamel Hajji, Chrysès et Agamemnon sur une mosaïque de Neapolis. Quelques réflexions iconographiques
  • Hugh Lindsay, The Tomb of the Arruntii: Sponsoring Burial Arrangements for Slaves and Freedmen. The 18th-century Drawings and the Inscriptions
  • Stephen Bourke, Pella in Jordan 2003 and 2005: Further Excavations in the Bronze Age Temple Precinct
  • G. W. Clarke et al., Jebel Khalid Fieldwork Report 2009–2010

Volume 22/23, 2009/10

  • Sarah P. Morris, Prehistoric Torone: A Bronze Age Emporion in the Northern Aegean. Preliminary report on the Lekythos excavations 1986 and 1988–1990
  • J. Lea Beness, Richard Dunn, Tom Hillard, Anthony Sprent, The Coastal Topography of Ancient Torone
  • Hélène Cassimatis, Un nouveau lécythe apulien: analyse iconographique
  • Dalit Regev, ‘Akko–Ptolemais, a Phoenician City: the Hellenistic Pottery
  • Nicholas L. Wright, Non-Greek Religious Imagery on the Coinage of Seleucid Syria
  • Graeme Clarke, Heather Jackson, John Tidmarsh, Ted Nixon, Jebel Khalid: the 2008 Season

Volume 21, 2008

  • H. G. Dill, W. Bäumler, and A. Techmer, Early Bronze Age Mining Activities on the Island of Seriphos, Greece
  • Richard Fletcher, Fragments of Levantine Iron Age Pottery in Chalcidice
  • Camilla Norman, Hip Pendants and Sword Ribbons: towards a better understanding of Daunian Stelai
  • Eléonore Maystre, Leto in Labour? A Study of Five Attic Red-figured Fragments
  • Nicholas L. Wright, A Note on Cleopatra Thea, Antiochus Grypys, and Athens
  • Tom Stevenson, On Dating the Frieze of Trajan’s Column
  • Graeme Clarke, Heather Jackson, Ted Nixon, Wendy Reade, John Tidmarsh, and Robert Thornley, Jebel Khalid: the 2006 Season
  • Mandy Mottram and David Menere, Wadi Abu Qalqal Regional Survey, Syria: Report for 2006
  • Graeme Clarke, Jebel Khalid: Stamped Amphora Handles 2006–2008
  • Graeme Clarke, The Jebel Khalid Marbles
  • C. E. V. Nixon, Jebel Khalid: Catalogue of the Coins 2000–2006

Volume 19/20, 2006/7


  • Alexander Cambitoglou, Introduction


  • Jean-Paul Descœudres, Euboean Pottery Overseas
  • Stavros A. Paspalas, A Group of Late Geometric Pottery from Torone and its Wider Aegean Context
  • Eleni Trakosopoulou-Salakidou, Aspects of the Excavations of Acanthus: The Early Iron Age and the Archaic Period
  • Eric Csapo, The Iconography of the Exarchos
  • Kenneth A. Sheedy, The Marble Walls of Siphnos
  • Gocha R. Tsetskhladze, Ancient West and East: Mtskheta, Capital of Caucasian Iberia
  • Margaret Miller, Persians in the Greek Imagination
  • Ian McPhee, The Red-figured Pottery from Torone 1981–1984: A Conspectus
  • Graeme Clarke, The Jebel Khalid Temple
  • Margaret O’Hea, Greeks and Glass: the Role of Hellenistic Greek Settlements in the Eastern Mediterranean in Glass Production and Consumption


  • Tom W. Hillard, Children and the Onset of the Athenian ‘Plague’
  • Sean G. Byrne, Four Athenian Archons of the Third Century BC
  • Kathryn Welch, Maiestas Regia and the Donations of Alexandria
  • John R. Melville-Jones, Inscriptiones Creticae 2, V 35: ‘Cretan Silver’
  • G. Steinhauer, The Euryklids and Kythera


  • Peter Wilson,]] Thamyris of Thrace and the Muses of Messenia
  • [[Elizabeth Minchin, Men’s Talk and Women’s Talk in Homer: Rebukes and Protests
  • Harold Tarrant, Piecing together Polemo
  • Robert D. Milns, Callisthenes on Alexander

Volume 18, 2005

* In 2005 Meditarch became the Official Journal of the Australian Archaeological Institute in Athens*

  • Richard Fletcher, A database of imports in the Central Mediterranean: a description and some methodological considerations
  • E. J. Owens, The Ariassos aqueduct and cultural developments in Roman cities in Asia Minor
  • G. Schwarz, Der Knabe auf dem Delphin
  • H. Vanhaverbeke and M. Waelkens, If you can’t beat them, join them? The Hellenization of Pisidia
  • Nicholas L. Wright, Seleucid royal cult, indigenous religious traditions, and radiate crowns: the numismatic evidence
  • Hugh Beames, Mould-decorated terra sigillata from Central Gaul in the Nicholson Museum
  • Stephen Bourke, Excavating Pella’s Bronze Age Temple Precinct: the 1999 and 2001 field seasons
  • Graeme Clarke, Amr Al-Azm, Lisa Cougle, Heather Jackson, Matasha McConchie, Wendy Reade, John Tidmarsh, Robert Thornley, and Nicholas Wright, Jebel Khalid: the 2004 and 2005 seasons
  • Mandy Mottram and David Menere, Preliminary surface investigations in the Wadi Abu Qalqal region, North Syria
  • Graeme Clarke, Jebel Khalid: stamped amphora handles 2000–2005 (with appendices by Heather Jackson, and Andrew Fairbairn and Eleni Asouti)
  • Graeme Clarke and Heather Jackson, Jebel Khalid: graffiti and dipinti 2000–2005

Volume 17, 2004


Edited by C.D. Barker, L.A. Beaumont, & E.A. Bollen
Professor Richard Green retired from the Arthur and Renee George Chair of Classical Archaeology at the University of Sydney at the end of 2003. In appreciation of his contribution to the development of Classical Archaeology in Australia and of his work in the field of Greek and South Italian vase-painting, ancient theatre and performance, and as excavator of Paphos on Cyprus, a number of colleagues and former pupils have decided to mark the occasion with a Festschrift in his honour.


  • J. Nicolas Coldstream, A Protogeometric Toy Horse from Lefkandi
  • David Ridgway, The Italian Early Iron Age and Greece: from Hellenization to Interaction


  • Hugh Beames, Ariadne, Omphale, or Hercules: a New Interpretation of an Ancient Lamp
  • Elizabeth A. Bollen, Hellenistic Oinochoai
  • Jonas Eiring, Calydonian Strays: Four Vases and a Cemetery
  • Antoine Hermary, Rhytons de l’atelier de Sotades dans l’empire achéménide, de Palaeopaphos à Suse
  • Ian McPhee and Elizabeth Pemberton, South Italian and Etruscan Red-Figure Pottery from Ancient Corinth
  • Jenifer Neils, Yet Another Red-Figure Panathenaic Amphora
  • J. Michael Padgett, Priam or Icarius?
  • Susan I. Rotroff, Two emblemata from the Athenian Agora
  • Axel Seeberg, Related to the La Trobe Painter
  • H. A. Shapiro, Erigone
  • Michael Turner, Hamilton and Dionysus: Modern Provenance, Ancient Context
  • Dyfri Williams, And Broken Vases Widowed of their Wine


  • Horst-Dieter Blume, The Staging Sophocles’ Aias
  • Chris Dearden, Sicily and Rome: the Greek Context for Roman Drama
  • Pat Easterling, Some Tragic Newsbringers
  • Eric Handley, Some Notes on Posidippus
  • E. J. Jory, Pylades, Pantomime, and the Preservation of Tragedy
  • Ralph Krumeich, ‘Schöne’ und geschmückte Choreuten in attischen Theaterbildern der spätarchaischen und frühklassischen Zeit
  • Margaret C. Miller, In Strange Company: Persians in Early Attic Theatre Imagery
  • Jean-Charles Moretti, Une scénographie à Délos
  • Stavros A. Paspalas, The ‘Pedagogue’ and Cygnus at Phaethon’s Fall
  • E. G. D. Robinson, Reception of Comic Theatre amongst the Indigenous South Italians
  • Frank B. Sear, The Roman Theatre at Gubbio
  • William J. Slater, Life as a Party: a Pindaric Look at Dionysus in the Underworld
  • Brian A. Sparkes, Aristophanes’ Wealth 802–818
  • Oliver Taplin, A Disguised Pentheus Hiding in the British Museum?
  • Glenys E. M. Wootton, Representations of Musicians in the Roman Mime


  • Craig Barker and Geoff Stennett, The Architecture of the Ancient Theatre at Nea Paphos Revisited
  • Holly Cook, The Hellenistic Theatre of Nea Paphos and its Medieval Players
  • R. Smadar Gabrieli, Under the Surface: Decoration and Shape in the Coarse Ware of Medieval and Post-Medieval Cyprus
  • Ina Kehrberg, A Late Hellenistic Link Between Jordan and Cyprus
  • Demetrios Michaelides, Baubo and Priapos in Cyprus: a Note
  • Eustathios Raptou, A Painted Roman Tomb at Paphos (P.M. 3501), with an appendix by Popi Th. Chrysostomou on Human Skeletal Analysis

Volume 16, 2003

DESERT AND SOWN. Papers presented at the American Schools of Oriental Research
Edited by Alison Betts

  • Cherie J. Lenzen, The Desert and the Sown: an Introduction to the Archaeological and Historiographic Challenge
  • Steven R. Simms, The Desert and the Sown: Observations from an Americanist
  • George E. Mendenhall, Arabia and the Bible: an Update
  • David F. Graf, Language and Lifestyle as Boundary Markers: the North Arabian Epigraphic Evidence
  • Samantha Eames, A Middle Bronze Age Model Shrine or Granary from the Hauran: Evidence for Cult Practice in Eastern Jordan
  • Kay Prag, Ethnicity and Warfare in the South Jordan Valley: Is there Relevance to Studies of Nomad/Settled Relations on the Desert Frontier of Syria and Jordan?
  • Cherie J. Lenzen, Ethnic Identity at Beit Ras/Capitolias and Umm al-Jimal
  • Alison Betts, Qasr Burqu - Desert Periphery and Urban Core

Regular article and Fieldreports

  • Alicia I. Meza, Ancient Egyptian Art in Malta
  • Carlos J. Moreu, The Sea Peoples and the Historical Background of the Trojan War
  • Richard Fletcher and E. G. D. Robinson, A Simple GIS Method for Archaeological Survey
  • Michael Turner, The Woman in White: Dionysus and the Dance of Death
  • D. Harrison (ed.), Recent Australian Field Work in the Mediterranean. With contributions from E. G. D. Robinson (Alezio, Italy), Graeme Clarke, Heather Jackson, Andrew Fairbarn and Lachlan Mairs (Jebel Khalid, Syria)

Volume 15, 2002

  • Jean-Louis Zimmermann, La maîtrise égéenne du fer (XIIe-Xe s. av. J.-C.): un progrès technique ou une nécessité économique?
  • Alain Schärlig, Greek Abacuses-Two Types and Some Uncertainties;
  • J. Rasmus Brandt, Ostia and Ficana-Two Tales of One City?
  • Danielle Decrouez and Karl Ramseyer with the collaboration of Jean-Paul Descœudres, Further Marble Analyses on Roman Sculptures;
  • Jean-Paul Descœudres, Al Mina across the Great Divide,
  • Eliane Brigger, Roman 'Adaptations' of Classical Greek Cult Statues: The Case of the Nemesis of Rhamnous;
  • Patricia W. Rovik, A Libyan Athena with Ancient Greek Inscriptions;
  • Elizabeth Bollen, A West Slope Bowl in Sydney: Trans-Aegean Relations of Hellenistic Pottery Production;
  • D. Harrison (ed.), Recent Australian and New Zealand Field Work in the Mediterranean Region. With contributions from Craig D. Barker and Andrew D. Merryweather (Tombs of the Kings, Paphos, Cyprus), Graeme Clarke and Heather Jackson (Jebel Khalid, Syria), Cosmos Coroneos, Lita Diacopoulos, Timothy E. Gregory, Ian Johnson, Jay Noller, Stavros A. Paspalas and Andrew Wilson (Paliochora-Kythera, Greece).

Volume 14, 2001 (OUT OF PRINT)

THE ORIGINS OF IRON METALLURGY. Proceedings of the First International Colloquium on the Archaeology of Africa and the Mediterranean Basin
Museum of Natural History, Geneva, 4-7 June, 1999.
Edited by Jean-Paul Descoeudres, Eric Huysecom, Vincent Serneels, and Jean-Louis Zimmermann

  • Alain Gallay, Diffusion ou invention: un faux débat pour l'archéologie?
  • Vincent Serneels et Philippe Fluzin, Du minerai à l'objet en fer: apport de l'archéométrie
  • Peter Crew, Experimental ironworking and its value for archaeology (summary)
  • David Killick, Radiometric dating of the earliest iron in Africa: techniques and interpretations (summary)
  • Eugenia W. Herbert, African metallurgy: the historian's dilemma;
  • Nicholas David, Lost in the third hermeneutic? Theory and methodology, objects and representations in the ethnoarchaeology of African metallurgy
  • Eric Huysecom, Technique et croyance des forgerons africains: éléments pour une approche ethnoarchéologique
  • Hans Georg Niemeyer, Archaeological evidence of early iron technology at Carthage and otherPhoenician settlements
  • Ingo Keesmann, Untersuchungen zur Metallurgie im archaischen und punischen Karthago
  • Abdeslam Mikdad, Origine de la métallurgie du fer au Maroc (summary);
  • Jean-Louis Zimmermann, La maîtrise égéenne du fer (XIIe-Xe s. av. J.-C.): un progrès technique ou une nécessité économique?
  • Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri and Claudio Giardino, The earliest evidence of iron metallurgy in Italy (summary)
  • Alessandro Corretti and Marco Benvenuti, The beginning of iron metallurgy in Tuscany, with special reference to Etruria Mineraria
  • Carme Rovira Hortalà, Les débuts de l'utilisation et de la production du fer en Méditerranée occidentale: la péninsule ibérique et le Midi français;
  • Eric Jean, Le fer chez les Hittites: un bilan des données archéologiques
  • Jana Souckova-Siegelová, Treatment and usage of iron in the Hittite empire in the 2nd millennium BC
  • Michel Valloggia, La maîtrise du fer en Egypte: entre traditions indigènes et importations
  • Michel Wuttmann, La métallurgie du fer dans l'Egypte ancienne: les données de l'archéologie
  • Patrice Lenoble, L'arsenal de Méroé et le monopole royal du fer dans l'empire méroïtique
  • Peter R. Schmidt, Resisting homogenization and recovering variation and innovation in African iron smelting
  • Duncan Miller, Indigenous iron production in southern Africa: archaeological observations and interpretations
  • Hamady Bocoum, Aux origines de la métallurgie du fer en Afrique de l'Ouest;
  • Gérard Quéchon, Les datations de la métallurgie du fer à Termit (Niger): leur fiabilité, leur signification
  • Alain Person et Gérard Quéchon, Données chronométriques et chronologiques de la métallurgie à Termit
  • Richard Oslisly, Chronologie des âges du fer dans la moyenne vallée de l'Ogooué au Gabon
  • Bernard Clist, Les premiers métallurgistes au Congo et au Gabon (summary)
  • Marie-Claude Van Grunderbeek, E. Roche, et H. Doutrelepont , Type de fourneau de fonte de fer, associé à la culture urewe (age du fer ancien), au Rwanda et au Burundi
  • Edwin E. Okafor, Early bloomery iron smelting in Igboland (summary);
  • Ousmane Sow, Du néolithique a l'âge du fer: à propos des origines de la siderurgie en Afrique occidentale (summary)

Volume 13, 2000

  • The Islamic City
    1. Alan Walmsley, The 'Islamic City': The Archaeological Experience in Jordan
    2. Cherie J. Lenzen, Seeking Contextual Definitions for Places: The Case of North-Western Jordan
    3. Rebecca M. Foote, Commerce, Industrial Expansion, and Orthogonal Planning: Mutually Compatible Terms in Settlements of Bilad al-Sham during the Umayyad Period
    4. Bert de Vries, Continuity and Change in the Urban Character of the Southern Hauran from the 5th to the 9th century: The Archaeological Evidence at Umm al-Jimal
  • Ioannis Georganas, Early Iron Age Tholos Tombs in Thessaly (c.1100-700 BC)
  • Michael Turner, Attribution and Iconography
  • Anthony Bonanno and Anthony J. Frendo (eds.) with the assistance of Nicholas C. Vella, Excavations at Tas-Silg, Malta: A Preliminary Report on the 1996-1998 Campaigns conducted by the Department of Classics and Archaeology of the University of Malta
  • Michael Turner, A New Panathenaic Amphora Fragment in Sydney by the Achilles Painter
  • D. Harrison and C. E. V. Nixon (eds.), Recent Australian and New Zealand Field Work in the Mediterranean Region (with contributions from Graeme Clarke, Heather Jackson, Matasha McConchie, Lachlan Mairs, John Tidmarsh, Alan Walmsley)

Volume 12, 1999

  • Maria Schroder, Middle Bronze Age Storage Requirements and Relations in the Southern Hauran, North Jordan: the Ceramics from Survey and Excavations along the Wadi al-'Ajib
  • Patrizia Birchler Emery, Old-Age Iconography in Archaic Greek Art
  • Stephan Steingräber, Zum ikonografischen und hermeneutischen Wandel von Pygmäen- und speziell Geronomachiedarstellungen in vorhellenistischer Zeit (6.-4./3. Jh. v. Chr.);
  • Victoria Hearnshaw, The Dionysiac Cycle in the Villa of the Mysteries: a Re-reading
  • S. J. Bourke, R. T. Sparks, and L. D. Mairs, Bronze Age Occupation on Tell Husn (Pella): Report on the University of Sydney's 1994/95 Field Seasons
  • Kim McCorquodale, Stela R79 in the Nicholson Museum
  • Paul Donnelly, Egyptian Faience Amulets in the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse Museum) in Sydney
  • Stavros A. Paspalas, A Lydian Oinochoe Identified
  • Magdalene Söldner, Bemerkungen zu einem etruskischen Bronzekopfgefaß mit Bulla im Louvre
  • Olga Palagia, Arsinoe III Philopator in Sydney;
  • Craig Barker, Hellenistic Stamped Amphora Handles Held in the Nicholson Museum, Sydney
  • Dimitri Anson and Robert Hannah, Lamps from the Egyptian Collection of the Otago Museum
  • D. Harrison and C. E. V. Nixon (eds.), Recent Australian and New Zealand Field Work in the Mediterranean Region (with contributions from S. J. Bourke, G. Clarke, B. Rowney, C. E. V. Nixon, J. Littleton, L. Crewe, ÝP. Connor, H. Jackson, D. Kennedy, Bob Bewley, J. Monaghan, A. Kos, P. Bicknell)

Volume 11, 1998

Proceedings of a Conference held at the Humanities Research Centre in Canberra, 10-12 November, 1997.

  • D. Frankel & J. M. Webb, Three Faces of Identity: Ethnicity, Community, and Status in the Cypriot Bronze Age
  • A. Sagona, Social Identity and Religious Ritual in the Kura-Araxes Cultural Complex: some Observations from Sos Höyük
  • D. T. Potts with S. Blau, Identities in the East Arabian Region
  • D. Kennedy, The Identity of Roman Gerasa: an Archaeological Approach
  • J. M. Lieu, The Forging of Christian Identity
  • G. W. Clarke et al., Who Built Shash Hamdan Tomb 1?
  • F. G. B. Millar, Ethnic Identity in the Roman Near East, AD235-450: Language, Religion, and Culture
  • M. C. A. McDonald, Some Reflections on Epigraphy and Ethnicity in the Roman Near East
  • P. M. Brennan, The Last of the Romans: Roman Identity and the Roman Army in the Late Roman Near East
  • S. N. C. Lieu, The Self-Identity of the Manichaeans in the Roman East;
  • P. Rousseau, The Identity of the Ascetic Master in the Historia Religiosa of Theodoret of Cyrrhus; a New Paideia?
  • P. Allen, The Identity of Sixth-Century Preachers and Audiences in Byzantium
  • A. Shboul & A. Walmsley, Identity and Self-image in Syria-Palestine in the Transition from Byzantine to Early Islamic Rule: Arab Christians and Muslims.

Volume 9/10, 1996/97

  • J. N. Coldstream & W. Reade, The Dipylon Krater Nicholson Museum 46.41;
  • A. Özfirat & A. Sagona, Early Bronze Age Material from Imikusagi, East-Central Anatolia
  • H. Cassimatis, L'Amphore apulienne 24219 du Musée Calvet d'Avignon
  • V. Hearnshaw, The Dionysiac Cycle in the Villa of the Mysteries - a re-reading
  • P. J. Connor & G. W. Clarke, Jebel Khalid in North Syria: The First Campaigns
  • J. Littleton et al., Preliminary Excavation of the Jebel Khalid Necropolis
  • G. W. Clarke, A Greek Graffito from Jebel Khalid
  • J.-P. Descœudres, The Chiusa at the Masseria del Fano in Salento
  • C. Sagona, Punic Punic Pottery from Malta held in two Australian collections
  • J.-P. Descœudres & D. Harrison, Greek and Roman Lamps in the Abbey Museum, Caboolture
  • C. E. V. Nixon (ed.), Recent Australian and New Zealand Field Work in the Mediterranean Region

Volume 8, 1995

  • A. Cambitoglou, In Memoriam Arthur Dale Trendall
  • J.-P. Descœudres (ed.), Arthur Dale Trendall: Bibliography 1988-95
  • R. A. Kearsley, The Greek Geometric Wares from Al Mina Levels 10-8 and Associated Pottery
  • M. Cavalier, New Greek and Roman Discoveries from Lipari
  • C. Samiou et al., The Underwater Survey of Torone
  • P. J. Connor, 'Boxing on'-a Lucanian Red-figured Skyphos in the University of Melbourne
  • K. Polinger Foster, Minoan Material at Smith and Cornell
  • C. E. V. Nixon (ed.), Recent Australian and New Zealand Field Work in the Mediterranean Region (with contributions from A. Betts, P. Bicknell, G. W. Clarke, P. J. Connor, D. Frankel, C. A. Hope, I. Johnson, D. Kennedy, A. B. Knapp, L. D. Mairs, and A. Walmsley).

Volume 7, 1994

  • P. J. Connor (ed.), Ancient Macedonia: An Australian Symposium (with papers by E. Baynham, E. N. Borza, G. W. Clarke, P. J. Connor, N. G. L. Hammond, G. H. R. Horsley, L. McKenzie, P. London, M. M. Markle, I. Sharples, and I. Worthington)
  • S. J. Eames, A Re-examination of the Definition, Distribution, and Relative Chronology of Proto Base Ring Ware
  • A. Cambitoglou & J. K. Papadopoulos, Excavations at Torone, 1990
  • J. Savage, Some Attic Black-figure Pottery in the University of Queensland
  • K. Sowada, A Relief Fragment from the Temple of Tuthmosis III at Deir el-Bahari in the Nicholson Museum

Volume 5/6, 1992/93

  • The Archaeology of the Aeolian Islands. Proceedings of the Conferences held at the Universities of Melbourne and Sydney on 28/29 May and 5 June, 1992 (papers by G. M. Bacci Spigo, L. Bernabò Brea, M. Cavalier, and U. Spigo)
  • E. F. Bloedow, The Date of the Earliest Phase at Argissa Magoula in Thessaly
  • J. N. Benton et al., Jericho Tomb B47: A Palestinian Middle Bronze Age Tomb in the Nicholson Museum
  • G. Clarke & T. Hillard, A Limestone Altar from North Syria
  • G. Clarke, Greek Graffiti from North Syria
  • T. Ireland & N. Urwin, Satellite Imagery and Landscape Archaeology
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