Book Launch | Tears for Tarshiha

14 August, 2018
1:00pm - 2:00pm

Dr Olfat Mahmoud will be visiting Australia from late July to early September 2018 on a speaking tour and launching her book Tears for Tarshiha, where she discusses the Palestinian Right of Return, the plight of her people in Lebanon and also of the pain and suffering and plight of Syrian refugees especially those in Lebanon.

Born in a refugee camp in Lebanon 58 years ago, Olfat’s determination to help her “people” in their fight to return home led to a nursing career that has placed her at the frontline of some of the most atrocious massacres and wars the Middle East has yet witnessed. Tears for Tarshiha narrates details of Olfat’s career as she worked with colleagues amid the death and destruction of Lebanon’s many wars and chronicles, as well as people’s remarkable capacity for love and bravery in the most extreme conditions.

About the author:

Dr. Olfat Mahmoud is a Palestinian refugee born in Lebanon, whose life mission is to fulfill the dream of her parents and grandparents to return to their hometown “Tarshiha” in Palestine. She started her life as a qualified nurse, thus her work experience was mostly in the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. Then she attended a course in clinical instructing in London (1983).

The turning point in her life was triggered by a course on community nursing that she attended in Australia (1984-1985) and later in 1993 she established the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation. While continuing work with PWHO, Olfat joined the Faculty of Human Sciences at Beirut Arab University where she studied Psychology, a Master’s in Special Needs (2010), a Women’s Studies Diploma (2011), and then moved on to a PhD in Positive Psychology and Personality (2016). Currently she is both an instructor at Beirut Arab University and the General Director of the Palestinian NGO “Woman’s Humanitarian Organization”.

In addition to her work, she has also published a number of academic studies and works as a national and international activist for Palestinian and women’s rights. In 2015, she was selected to represent the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon at the UN celebration of the foundation of UNRWA in New York. This book is her first step on the road to return to Tarshiha.


Location: Abercrombie Business School Seminar Room 2020, the University of Sydney