Boundary Lane Children's Centre


Kids playing

Boundary Lane caters programs for each age group for both the nursery and the Kindergarten. The program is planned to reflect the centre's goals and to foster each child's intellectual development; emotional, personal and social development; independence and self esteem; language development; creative development and aesthetic awareness; and fine and gross motor skills.

The curriculum encompasses all the learning experiences and routines that occur at the centre throughout the day. The program is based on observations of each child to foster intellectual, social, creative and motor development and independence. The program is displayed on notice boards in the centre.


The centre aims to provide a variety of activities, active and quiet, group and individual, structured and unstructured. We encourage children to take on new challenges with more emphasis on the process than the product. The centre takes an anti-bias approach giving all children access to activities including children with special needs. We respect each family's culture and language, looking at similarities as well as differences and valuing diversity.

Where special needs are identified we endeavour to meet the needs of the child at the centre and help the family access any other resources needed.


Discovering the world firsthand is an important part of the Boundary Lane program and excursions are seen as valuable learning experiences. The centre plans short distance excursions, for example, walks to the local park as well as long distance excursions involving different modes of transport. Planning suitable activities takes into consideration the age, needs, interests and safety of the children. Children have several excursions each year and parents are required to give written permission. Parents are welcome and needed to help supervise the excursions.

More details about our Curriculum Policy can be found in the Handbook.