R.J. Chambers Memorial Research Lecture

Previous Lectures

Date Speaker Topic
3 April 2014 Professor Michael Power
London School of Economics, UK
Risk culture in financial organisations (Adobe PDF Document 390Kb)
11th September 2012 Sir David Tweedie
President, ICAS and former Chair of IASB
Standard Setting: Change Management - Revolution or Evolution
18 September 2008 Professor Kenneth Peasnell
Professor of Accounting and Finance and Associate Dean for Research, Lancaster University Management School
Accounting Research and the Accounting Standard-setting Process: Has academic research made any difference? (Adobe PDF Document 133Kb)
2 August 2007 Professor Irvine Lapsley New Public Management: The Cruellest Invention of the Human Spirit (Adobe PDF Document 574Kb)
27 September 2006 Edward I. Altman Current Conditions in the Distressed High Yield Bond and Bank Loan Markets and Outlook (Adobe PDF Document 379Kb)
29 September 2005 George Foster Management Control System Adoption Decisions - The When and The Why: Lessons from Early Stage Companies (Adobe PDF Document 528Kb)
15 November 2004 Gary J. Previts, Giuseppe Galassi, John Edwards Lessons from History and their Implications for Accounting Practice
3 July 2003 Daniel Kahneman The Psychology of Risk Taking
27 November 2001 Walter Schuetze A Memo to National and International Accounting and Auditing Standard Setters and Securities Regulators
30 August 1994 Peter Knutson Using Financial Statements: The Other Side of Accounting
16 October 1992 Andrew Rogers Today's Plaintiff - Tomorrow's Defendant: A Proper Allocation of Liability
1990 A. Rashad Abdel-Khalik The Messy Culture of GAAP: The Need for Two Sets of Financial Statements
17 April 1989 Michael Bromwich The Revolution in Management Accounting
29 February 1988 Robert Swieringa An Anatomy of an Accounting Standard - Accounting for Income Taxes
23 October 1985 Robert Sterling An Essay on Recognition