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Research Funding

The Business School is committed to providing our research students with a supportive and well-resourced environment in which to undertake their research. One of our commitments is to provide financial support. The School currently funds the Fieldwork Funding Scheme (FFS). In addition we co-fund the Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS) with the university. For more information on PRSS please go to the Research Support website at Travel, Conferences & Fieldwork.

The PhD Fieldwork Funding Scheme (FFS)

This scheme is to assist research candidates in the Business School to fund their fieldwork. The experience of data collection and interpretation is considered an important part of the training of a postgraduate research candidate. Data gathering or analysis performed by professional fieldwork companies or private individuals on behalf of the applicant will not be funded. Funds are limited and the allocation will be competitive.

Please refer to the calendar of important dates for information on application dates. Details on how to apply will be emailed to all current candidates when the funding round opens.