Enrolments and variations of enrolment


Enrolment is the process by which students enrol in a particular award course and units of study. Potential undergraduate and postgraduate students are required to enrol according to the procedure outlined in their offer letter. Enrolment usually occurs in late January and throughout February for Semester 1 and in July for Semester 2.

Local undergraduate students can choose to defer the payment of their fees through the HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan schemes, while local postgraduate students can utilise the FEE-HELP loan scheme. Both continuing and potential local students must choose to either pay upfront, pay partially or defer their course fees prior to the census date each semester. International students are required to pay their course fees to the International Student Office before they will be permitted to enrol.

All changes to enrolment must be made prior to the census date or students may be forced to pay additional course fees. For first semester this is the 31st of March and for second semester the 31st of August.

New students

Potential undergraduate and postgraduate students will be invited to enrol into their course according to the directions in their offer letter. See the Enrolment page for further information.

Continuing students

Students should follow the information for continuing student enrolments on the University's Continuing Student Enrolment page.

Enrolment variations

Once a student is successfully enrolled in an award course, it is possible to vary the enrolment through the online student portal Enrolment variations can only be made in the periods designated by the Student Centre, and student access may be restricted during January. Enrolment variations may only be made before the following deadlines:

See Last dates for adding, withdrawal or discontinuation