Swipe Cards


Swipe cards are available for approved students who require 24 hour access to the Merewether Building's Computer Lab. Eligibility is restricted to Postgraduate Coursework students and HDR students. HDR students should contact the Business School Research Unit directly to arrange access.

Postgraduate Coursework students

All Postgraduate Coursework students will automatically be given 24 hour access to the Merewether Building's Computer Lab for semester 1 and semester 2 if enrolled in a postgraduate degree administered by the Business School. This will be activated from the Census dates of each semester eg. 31st March and 31st August and will expire on the last day of semester.

If Postgraduate Coursework students would like 24 hour access to the Merewether Building's Computer Lab access during summer/winter school, students will need to fill out the Swipe Card Application Form once they have been enrolled into the summer/winter school unit.

  • The student fills out the online Swipe Card Application Form on the Business School website.
  • The student will receive a confirmation email from SIO when this has been approved along with details on how to obtain the access and the duration that the access is permitted for.

Application for 24 hour access to the Merewether Building's Computer Lab for summer/winter school can take up to 10 working days to process.

The rules and procedures relating to the allocation and use of swipe cards

  • Lost or stolen cards must be reported to Security Services
  • A swipe card may be used only by the person to whom it has been allocated. It cannot be sub-allocated, nor can it be lent to other persons.
  • The Business School reserves the right to cancel or suspend a swipe card without notice if the card or the facilities are abused. Any appeals against cancellations or suspensions must be made in writing to the Student Information Office.
  • The swipe card has 3 functions; to enter and exit the Merewether Building via the door at the north-west corner of the Lower Ground level whenever the building is locked, to gain access to the Computer Laboratory at all times, and to gain access to the Communications Room whenever it is locked. In addition, you will have access to the student toilets in the Lower Ground level and to the Student Common Room on the Ground level.
  • The swipe card de-activates the door alarm for approximately 30 seconds. If the door is not shut properly within that time, an alarm is activated at the University's Security Service.
  • In order to use the computer facilities, you will also need a computer account with the Business School. Please contact Business School IT for further information on this.
  • You are expected to be familiar with the rules and regulations governing student use of computer facilities in the University of Sydney Business School. These regulations are detailed on the last page of the Business School's document "Student Computer Facilities' Guide"; a copy of which you will be given when you open or renew a computer account.
  • The facility is available 24 hours a day. Users should ensure that unauthorised people do not gain access to the Merewether Building or to the computer rooms.
  • The Business School will try to make available computer equipment and certain software on a 24-hour basis. However, as computer support staff will not be available outside of normal work hours, there may be delays in attending to equipment problems. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT TO REPAIR BUSINESS SCHOOL EQUIPMENT.
  • Pirated software must not be run, duplicated or distributed using these facilities. The software on the workstations or on the Business School fileserver must never be copied. To do so is a direct violation of Federal Copyright Laws and is a criminal offence. Particular care must be taken to ensure that no virus is imported to the Business School's computers - if a user suspects that their own diskette is infected by any computer virus, they should report it to the Business School IT Helpdesk without delay.
  • Every time your swipe card is used, an electronic record of the transaction is made at the University's Security Service.
  • The precinct of the 2 computer rooms is under 24-hour camera surveillance. This is done to protect your personal safety and to ensure the integrity of the Business School equipment.
  • Do not tamper with security equipment at any time.

Responsibilities for after hours access to Wolstenholme Study Centre and Computer Lab H04

After Hours access to the Wolstenholme Study Centre and Computer Lab H04 provides for privileged use of University facilities and equipment.

Once you have been allocated authorised access you are accepting responsibility for the appropriate use of these facilities and equipment. All users are required to gain entry only by use of their access card. The University thereby ensures that individual usage is recorded and that the safety and accountability of all members of the University community is assured. Please note that information regarding usage of authorised access is retained by the University and may be made available to authorised personnel.

You need to:

  • Make sure you keep your card safe at all times.
  • Notify Security (9351 3487) as soon as possible if you lose your card.
  • Have your student card or other identification with you at all times when using your access. Patrol Officers may check that access authority and your identification match.
  • Not share, lend or give your card to any other person for their use. This access is provided for your use only, and may be confiscated from any other user by Patrol Officers.
  • Not let other people follow you into the buildings or rooms. The access is authorised for you alone.
  • Report to Security (9351 3487) suspicious persons unknown to you, who are inside buildings after hours, whenever you think that person might not be authorised to be there.
  • Refrain from chocking open external entry doors to the building or Study Centre as this poses a security risk and a threat to your safety.
  • In the event that the Fire Alarm goes off after hours you must evacuate the building via the closest safe exit and wait until Security Patrol Officers advise that it safe to re-enter the building.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above responsibilities may result in the loss of your authorised access.