Application to Waive a Pre- or Co-Requisite

The waiver of a pre- or co- requisite allows a student to enter into more advanced areas of study, by-passing the need to repeat material that they have studied previously. Waivers do not, however, reduce the total number of units required to complete a course. Waivers typically apply only to postgraduate students; undergraduate students should seek credit for previous studies where applicable.

The application form to waive a pre- or co-requisite is available from the Business School forms page

The application form is for use by students enrolled in an award course at the University of Sydney Business School and should be completed no later than 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the semester in which the waiver is to take effect. This includes applications for waivers to take effect in Summer or Winter School units, or those offered in intensive sessions.

If the unit of study you wish to enrol in is taught by another faculty (such as an ECON or ECMT unit), you will need to lodge an application with that faculty on their form.

To apply for a waiver of a unit offered by the Business School you will need to be able to demonstrate academic grounds or previous experience. For academic grounds, transcripts and unit of study outlines for relevant prior studies must be submitted for assessment. Note that a waiver will not be granted for units that you have attempted previously and failed. Where a waiver is being applied for on the basis of previous experience, details of that previous work experience in the subject area must be provided in the form of a letter from your employer outlining the duties and length of employment.

You do not need to provide supporting documentation if your prior studies have been completed at the University of Sydney.

Note that a waiver typically applies to a particular unit of study. At times, however, a waiver for a foundational unit will be applicable across all elective units for which it is listed as a pre- or co-requisite.

Waivers cannot be granted for core units, or for compulsory units listed in a specialisation.

The online WAIVE A PRE OR CO-REQUISITE form is available only to students currently enrolled in units offered by the Business School. If you are unable to access the form please contact the Student Information Office via email at for one of our staff to lodge the application on your behalf.