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Computer Science (School of Information Technologies) (Undergraduate)


This subject area if offered by the School of Information Technology

Computer Science is the scientific discipline which has grown out of the use of computers to manage and transform information. It is concerned with the design of computers, their applications in science, government and business, and the formal and theoretical properties which can be shown to characterise these applications. The current research interests in the School include algorithms, bioinformatics, data management, data mining and machine learning, internetworking, wireless networks, network computing, biomedical image processing, parallel and distributed computing, user-adaptive systems and information visualisation. The School has a range of computers and specialised laboratories for its teaching and research.

This is an optional second major for the Bachelor of Commerce and a Major II option for the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies). Students in other degrees (including combined) should refer to the their particular degree's resoulstions and requirements for the ability to complete this major in their degree.

Requirements for the major

For the award of a major in Computer Science, students complete:

(i) a minimum of 12 credit points in junior prerequisite Computer Science units of study as specified under the Computer Science major in the Faculty of Science Handbook.It is recommended that student complete the following two units as junior prerequisites:

  • INFO1103 Introduction to Programming; or INFO1903 Informatics (Advanced)
  • INFO1105 Data Structures; or INFO1905 Data Structures (Advanced).

(ii) a minimum of 12 credit points in elective prerequisite intermediate (2000-level)  units of study for senior unit options as specified in the under the Computer Science major in the Faculty of Science Handbook

(iii) a minimum of 24 credit points of elective senior (3000-level) units of study as specified in the under the Computer Science in the Faculty of Science Handbook.

Note: Intermediate (2000-level) and senior (3000-level) units of study can only count towards the requirements for one major. Intermediate and senior units cannot be "double counted" towards two majors.

Availability of this major in Business School degrees

Students may also be able to complete this major under the following degrees. Restrictions on the availability of this major apply. Its availability is subject to the credit point restrictions on units from other faculties in course rules of these degrees and restrictions based on other compulsory requirements of these degrees).