Econometrics Major (Undergraduate)


This subject area is offered by the School of Economics (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)

Econometrics applies mathematical and statistical techniques to the analysis of business and economic data. There has always been a strong demand for graduates with quantitative skills. The impact of information technology has meant that there are huge data sets now available - such as data sets of financial market activity or of consumer markets via supermarket scanning. This adds considerably to the high level prospects for graduates with the quantitative skills to deal with the potential of the data - such as in the analysis of energy demand, greenhouse gas emissions, international trade flows or consumer behaviour.

This is a compulsory major option for the Bachelor of Commerce and a Major II option for the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) (from 2012). Students in other degrees (including combined) should refer to the their particular degree's resolutions and requirements for the availability of this major in their degree.

Information for Undergraduate Business School students

Requirements for the major

Note. The following information is for students who commenced study in their degree from 2014. Students who commenced prior to 2012 should refer to the information below listed under "Pre-2014 continuing students".

For the award of a major in Econometrics in a degree offered by the Business School, students complete:

(i) two junior prerequisite units of study (12 credit points):

  • BUSS1020 Quantitative Business Analysis;^ (or ECMT1010 Business and Economic Statistics A)
  • ECMT1020 Business and Economic Statistics B

^ Bachelor of Commerce students must complete BUSS1020 rather than ECMT1010 as it is a core unit for their degree.

(ii) two compulsory senior units of study (12 credit points), as follows:

  • ECMT2150 Cross Section Economics ^
  • ECMT2160 Time Series Econometrics. ^

^ These units will be available from 2015.

(iii) four senior elective units of study (24 credit points) selected from the following options with a minimum of three at the 3000 level:

  • ECMT2120 Analysis of Discrete Choice Data *
  • ECMT2130 Financial Econometrics
  • ECMT3120 Applied Econometrics
  • ECMT3130 Forecasting for Economics and Business
  • ECMT3150 The Econometrics of Financial Markets
  • ECMT3160 Statistical Modelling *
  • ECMT3170 Computational Econometrics *
  • ECOS3903 Applied Microeconomics Honours
  • ECOS3904 Appled Macroeconomics Honours.

* Not offered for 2014.

Note: Senior units of study can count towards one major only. Senior units cannot be "double counted" towards two major.

For further information on these units of study, please visit the School of Economics website.

Information for Pre-2014 continuing students

Requirements for the Econometrics major for students who commenced study in their degree prior to 2014

Pre-2014 continuing students can choose to follow the requirements for a major as set out above or can follow the requirements for their major as set out in the following downloadable PDFs. Students should also refer to the handbook of the year you commenced for the exact details of their degree and major requirements.

Availability of this major in Business School degrees

The Econometrics major is an available option in the following degrees offered by the Business School:

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Commerce and Doctor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies)

Pre-2011 continuing students enrolled in these former Faculty of Economics and Business degrees can also complete a major or electives in Econometrics: FH028 Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, FH035 Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, FH029 Bachelor of Economics, FH035 Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery; and Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws.