Marketing Major (Undergraduate)


Marketing creates value for customers, organisations and society by matching what organisations produce with what people want. It is a core management function within every type of organisation. Marketing skills are used to sell products and services, obtain support for charities, persuade people to improve their lives, which many health campaigns aim to achieve. Students are taught to understand customer needs through extensive research, apply this information to new ideas for products and services and develop creative ways to communicate these offerings through advertising and other types of media. The curriculum is grounded in the real world and emphasises team building, role-playing, and other interactive exercises. This approach helps students develop confidence and skill in the areas of business planning and problem solving, public presentations, and social interaction.

This is a compulsory major option for the Bachelor of Commerce (including combined Bachelor of Commerce degrees) and a Major I option for the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies).

Information for Undergraduate students

Requirements for the major

Note. The following information is for students who commenced study in their degree from 2011. Students who commenced prior to 2011 should refer to the information below listed under "Pre-2011 continuing students".

For the award of a major in Marketing, students complete:

(i) one junior prerequisite unit of study (six credit points), as follows:

(ii) three compulsory senior units of study (18 credit points), as follows:

(iii) a minimum of three senior units of study (18 credit points) selected from the following options:

* Not offered for 2014.

Note: Students who commenced study in this major prior to Semester 1, 2014 and who have obtains permission from the Discipline of Marketing may include BUSS2100 Business Placement A (Internship) as an elective for their major.

Note: Senior units of study can count towards the requirements for one major only. Senior units cannot be "double counted" towards two majors. For example, MKTG3116 cannot be counted towards both a Marketing major and an International Business major.

Information for Pre-2011 continuing students

The following information is for Pre-2011 continuing students only

Requirements for the Marketing major for students who commenced study in their degree prior to 2011

Pre-2011 continuing students can choose to follow the requirements for a major as set out above or can follow the requirements for their major as set out in the following downloadable PDFs. Students should also refer to the handbook of the year you commenced for the exact details of their degree and major requirements.

Availability of this major in Business School degrees

The Marketing major is an available option in the following degrees offered by the Business School:

Pre-2011 continuing students enrolled in these former Faculty of Economics and Business degrees can also complete a major or electives in Marketing: FH029 Bachelor of Economics, FH035 Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery; and Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Laws (electives only).

Students in the following combined Bachelor of Commerce degrees administered by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies also have the option of completing a major in Marketing:

A Marketing major or elective/s in this area may also be available to students enrolled in other degrees in the University. Students should check the other faculty's handbook and course information for further details.