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Psychology (Faculty of Science) (Undergraduate)


This subject area is offered by the School of Psychology (Faculty of Science)

Psychology is the study of behaviour and it is approached on a scientific basis, with provision for professional training at the postgraduate level. The research activities of the School cover almost all of the main branches of the discipline. Extensive information about the subject and the School is available on the School of Psychology website.

A major in Psychology that is accredited by the Australian Psychological Society and can lead to registration as a Psychologist in NSW (upon completion of further studies) through a number of degree programs.

This is an option for the required Table 1 Science major for the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science and a Major II option for the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies). Students in other degrees (including combined) should refer to their particular degree's resolutions and requirements for the ability to complete this major in their degree.


Requirements for the major

For the award of a major in Psychology, students complete:

(i) 12 credit points in prerequisite junior Psychology units of study as follows:

  • PSYC1001 Psychology 1001
  • PSYC1002 Psychology 1002

(ii) 24 credit points of compulsory intermediate (2000-level) units of study, comprising of the following:

  • PSYC2011 Brain and Behaviour or PSYC2911 Brain and Behaviour (Advanced)
  • PSYC2012 Statistics and Research Methods for Psychology
  • PSYC2013 Cognitive and Social Psychology
  • PSYC2014 Personality and Intelligence 1

(iii) 24 credit points of senior (3000-level)Psychology units of study selected from the options specified under the Psychology major in the Faculty of Science Handbook, including:

  • PSYC3018 Abnormal Psychology

Note: Intermediate and senior units of study can only count towards the requirements for one major. Intermediate and senior units cannot be "double counted" towards two majors.

The details of compulsory and elective units of study which are available for the current year can be found on the University's Unit of Study Handbook.

Availability of this major in Business School degrees

Students may also be able to complete this major under the following degrees. (Restrictions on the availability of this major apply. Its availability is subject to the credit point restrictions on units from other faculties in course rules of these degrees and restrictions based on other compulsory requirements of these degrees).