Credit, Waivers and Special Permission to Enrol


Credit is the formal acknowledgment by the University of previous academic attainment by students prior to their enrolment in their current course. It takes the form of credit points which count towards the requirements for a course.

Please consult the School's provisions on credit before submitting an application.


The waiver of a pre- or co- requisite allows a student to enter into more advanced areas of study, by-passing the need to repeat material they have studied previously. Waivers do not, however, reduce the total number of units required to complete a course.

Please consult the Business School’s waiver procedures before proceeding with an application.


Special (or Departmental) Permission is required to enrol in some units of study where enrolment limitations apply. Special permission can be granted only by the discipline or unit coordinator responsible for the unit of study in question; special permission to enrol is not granted by the Student Information Office. If you have received special permission to enrol in a unit, bring a hard copy of the approval to the Student Information Office, or forward your approval email to A member of staff in the Student Information Office will then be able to facilitate your enrolment in the unit for which special permission has been granted.