Discontinuation of enrolment


A student seeking a total discontinuation of enrolment in an award course must lodge an application to discontinue with the Student Information Office (SIO) by the relevant Census date.

Steps to follow

  1. The student applies to discontinue in writing to the SIO.
  2. Centre Students who discontinue their course before census date will not incur a financial or academic penalty.
  3. Students who wish to re-apply for entry into an award course must go through the standard admissions procedures, whether that is through the Universities Admissions Centre or via another process.

The rules

If a student applies to discontinue their enrolment after the relevant Census date, they will incur the full financial liability for their award course. The unit(s) of study will remain on the student's official record and, depending on when or if they withdraw, they will receive a grade of DNF (Discontinued without failure), DF (Discontinued - Fail) or AF (Absent Fail). If applying for admission into another degree course in the future, these results may affect their application.