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Clubs and Societies

University of Sydney Business School Student Clubs and Societies Program

The Business School has a very active and vibrant clubs and societies culture. As well as being a great way to meet people, by becoming a member of a society, you can attend career networking, guest speaker and academic development activities.

You also get some great resources produced by clubs and Society's like careers guides with internship opportunities. Students have made lifelong friends at a club event they attended in their first year of university.

The Business School Clubs and Societies are supported by our Program Coordinator, who is available to assist new and existing clubs and societies with any support or funding they may require throughout the year.

Affiliated Clubs and Societies

Below is a sample of the Clubs and Societies that are aligned with the University of Sydney Business School. For a full list of Clubs and Societies at the University of Sydney, please visit the University of Sydney Union website.

Sydney University Business Society (SUBS)

SUBS is the official Business School Faculty Society, and as such caters to all students of the Business School. All students studying a Commerce degree at the University of Sydney are automatically members of SUBS. The aim of SUBS is to assist the academic and career development of its members and to enrich their university student experience through key vocational and social events such as the interfaculty sports program, and networking opportunities with a number of firms across various disciplines.

180 Degrees Consulting

180 Degrees Consulting is an emerging international non-profit student consultancy that works actively with non-profit organisations to strengthen their ability to achieve high impact social outcomes. Students work in teams to develop innovative, sustainable and practical solutions for clients. In this way, non-profits are empowered to overcome specific problems they face. At the same time, students are given the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to their communities, apply their university studies in a practical environment, and develop valuable life skills.

Accounting Society (AAASoc) at the University of Sydney

At AAASoc, our mission is to be a 'Triple A' society. We seek to promote greater awareness of accounting-related careers within the University of Sydney by being the most accessible, meaningful and rewarding society for all Business students, regardless of major. We aim to provide students with unique and innovative events such as academic workshops and careers fairs that connect students with professional services firms.


AIESEC is the world's largest youth-driven organisation helping young people develop leadership potential. We connect our members with passionate youth from around the world and provide a platform for people from different cultures to expand their social and professional networks. At AIESEC Sydney, we also offer our members the unique opportunity to develop personally and professional by facilitating an international internship program and attending national and international leadership conferences.

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

BAP is a students association for academically successful students majoring in Accounting, Finance or Information Systems. Beta Alpha Psi was founded in 1919 in the United States of America. The University of Sydney chapter is the first non US based chapter accepted into BAP.

Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS)

BGS is the international honour society for students enrolled in business and management programs accredited by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Election to lifetime membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest honour a business student anywhere in the world can receive in an undergraduate or master's program at a school accredited by AACSB International. Eligibility for membership in the society is based on high academic achievement for students, and tenured business school faculty members. With more than 580,000 members worldwide, the Society's membership comprises the brightest and best of the world's business leaders.

Beta Gamma Sigma membership provides recognition for a lifetime. With 18 alumni chapters in major metropolitan areas across the United States and Hong Kong;, the BGS CareerCentral job board; and the on-line membership community, those recognized for their academic achievements at The University of Sydney can continue to pursue an active relationship with Beta Gamma Sigma long after graduation. This lifelong commitment to its members' academic and professional success is defined in the Society's mission: to encourage and honour academic achievement in the study of business, to foster personal and professional excellence, to advance the values of the Society, and to serve its lifelong members.

Business Information Systems Association

(BISA) aims to promote a sense of identity and cohesion among BIS students on campus. Our purpose is to establish and strengthen connections between the Society, the Discipline and the BIS industry, to increase the employability of our members and to cultivate a greater understanding of the BIS discipline in general. These goals will be achieved against the backdrop of an open and friendly environment that is consistent with the culture of the Sydney Uni campus.

Commerce Revue Society

The Commerce Revue Society stages an annual comedy performance, of satirical songs and sketches. The Commerce Revue offers Business School students opportunities to write, perform, and choreograph, as well as engage in marketing and organizing the show. All are welcome to participate in one of the most exciting and fun University experiences.

Enactus University of Sydney

Enactus University of Sydney is part of an international non-profit organisation that works with leaders in business and higher education to mobilise university students to make a difference in their communities while developing the skills to become the socially responsible business leaders of tomorrow.

Project directors are currently developing six outreach projects that focus on both domestic and international issues affecting disadvantaged people. The projects have been utilising skills learnt at university as well as applying business and economic concepts to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Projects have access to numerous resources to help develop their projects including guidance from our esteemed Academic and Business Advisory Board.

Finance & Banking Society (FINSOC)

FINSOC's mission is to assist, inform and inspire students interested in the opportunities that the finance industry has to offer. FINSOC draws on a strong portfolio of professional networks to bring the key players in industry to campus, providing valuable insights into working in a variety of specific sectors related to finance such as stockbroking, funds management and management consulting. FINSOC operates at both Sydney University and the University of New South Wales.

Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA)

Starting in the University of Sydney in 1995, the FMAA is the leading organisation for all Economics and Business students in providing links with future employers and guiding students through the recruitment process. With large-scale formal business events as well as intimate tailored events, we provide forums of networking and interaction with representatives from our 39 National Sponsor firms; covering the industries of Investment Banking, Accounting, Management Consulting, Insolvency, Law and Professional Accreditation.

Network of Women (NOW)

The Network of Women is a collaboration of students from the University of Sydney who seek to be involved in an energising environment that facilitates growth and empowers women to pursue and achieve their business aspirations.

The mission of NOW is to empower female business students through facilitating inter-disciplinary networking, professional development and expansion of corporate networks. Through networking events, workshops and publications, NOW aspires to be a platform from which women can pursue their business and leadership aspirations.

Sydney Consulting Club

The Sydney Consulting Club (SCC) aims to develop the skills, experience and network for students, from all faculties, to enhance their interests in consulting and strategy through SCC training, events and Case Competitions. We are targeted towards motivated students who are: pursuing a career in any form of consulting, want to participate in the growing case competition culture on the domestic and international scales, and overall want to develop their professional skills which will carry them further into their career. We offer regular case interview workshops and preparation, case competition team formation and training as well as the opportunity to network with industry representatives. We are excited to bring this world within reach to USYD students - join our Facebook Group to stay updated with our activities and announcements.

Sydney Marketing Society

The Sydney Marketing Society (SMS) is a vibrant, not for profit student society based at the University of Sydney with branches across several other universities (UTS, UNSW, MQ and UWS). We seek to connect talented young marketers with leading employers in the marketing sector. In 2013, our aims are threefold:

  1. Provide students with more career opportunities
    Marketing is a broad field of study, but SMS seeks to cater to every student's area of interest - whether it is PR, advertising, branding, media relations, market research, digital media marketing or B2B. SMS provides students with internship opportunities and graduate jobs in every marketing domain tailored to their interests.
  2. Encourage networking with future employers
    Careers events such as seminars, workshops and conferences are provided throughout the year, helping students to establish valuable contacts within the marketing industry.
  3. Host fun events for meeting fellow minded students
    Social events such as free BBQs, trivia and cocktail nights allow students to meet and make friends with fellow marketers who might accompany them throughout their university and working life.

Sydney University Statistics Society (StatSoc)

If you're interested in statistics, StatSoc's for you. We provide members with numerous opportunities to network with both students and employers. We conduct all types of fun surveys from Usyd students where results are published on the StatSoc website and in University publications. StatSoc assists to extend your career scope by promoting employment opportunities for students from all faculties. StatSoc makes statistics more relevant to social activities, promoting the importance of statistics to modern society.

United Nations Society

The United Nations Society aims to strengthen interest in international relations and the role of the United Nations in the global community. Our talented MUNners, as members are fondly known, have been named Best Delegation to the prestigious Asia Pacific Model UN Conference through 2007, 2008 and 2009. UNSoc hosts a range of events and activities which cater to all levels. These include topical, interactive MiniMUNs, broader JointMUNs, SydMUN, AMUNC10, as well as guest speakers and 'after-dark diplomacy' social events.

University Network for Investing and Trading (UNIT)

Are you interested in cultivating your wealth-creation skills and getting a career headstart? UNIT will help you to succeed, and you can help us to achieve our goal of providing free financial education for all students! With free membership, competitions, educational seminars, careers networking opportunities, roundtable discussions and huge social events, UNIT aims to get students excited about the world of opportunity that share trading and personal investment brings! UNIT is student-focused. While useful careers-wise, the education provided by UNIT also aims to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to start up and manage your own share portfolios and invest for life. No doubt many students begin university wondering how they too can trade shares and other instruments - UNIT aims to answer that question, so join us today!

Work and Organisational Studies Society (WOSOC)

WOSOC caters to the social, professional and academic needs of students studying management, industrial relations and human resource management. We work closely with key players within the industry, such as the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies and the Industrial Relations Society of NSW to provide fun and informative events throughout the year.

Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES)

Many of us have great ideas and aspire to become successful entrepreneurs. However, many business ideas are doomed to fail even before they are implemented. Join the YES if you want to see that idea of yours bear some fruit. We are a group of eager entrepreneurs who are always looking to learn and share our knowledge.

Support Available to Clubs and Societies

The funding process has changed for 2016. Clubs/Societies will no longer be eligible for reimbursement, approved invoices will be paid in advance.

For more information, please contact Grozdana Maric

Pre-approval for funding is now open, and will close on February 15, 2016. Outcomes of pre-approval applications will be provided by February 22, 2016.

Applying for Funds

Events that are usually eligible for funding include those which provide Business School students with developmental opportunities. For example: guest speaker events, seminars, workshops, industry networking events and conferences, among other things.

Applications for funding towards administration, promotional, website development and other resource expenses will also be considered in this context. Some 'start up' funds are available also. Please note: social events and O Week activities will not be considered for funding.

Contact Grozdana Maric (Careers and Employability Office) with any queries.

Apply for Funding/Resource

Funding is also available for ethics related events or projects from the Natoli Ethics Fund. In order to apply for funds your event must support the development of ethical awareness, particularly in business ethics, for students of the Business School.

Your application will be considered by members of the Business and Professional Ethics Group (BPEG) who have been asked to manage the funds. There are also funds available for the registration of ethics related conferences.

For further information on this fund contact Grozdana Maric at the Careers and Employability Office.

Event Promotion and Room Bookings

Business School affiliated Clubs and Societies now have two allocated rooms in the Abercrombie Building.

Clubs and Societies events and activities can be promoted via the Careers and Employability Office Newsletter, online calendar, Blackboard, Student Announcements and Facebook. You must contact Grozdana Maric at least 7 days in advance, otherwise there is no guarantee that the event will be promoted in time.

For events bringing Industry representatives onto Campus and with no more than 40 people attending, societies can book the Staff Meeting Room 214, 215 in H69. Sarah Fletcher will need to be in attendance and please note there is a 'no alcohol' policy for this room.

Clubs and Societies can also book Venues through the University of Sydney Union or Venues Collection which allows you to make free bookings between 1-2pm, and to pay a discounted amount at other times. Grozdana Maric cannot book university rooms on your behalf.

Requests for use of the Business School logo

The Business School is a proud supporter of our Clubs and Societies. If your Club or Society would like the support of the Business School through use of its logo, please complete the Business School logo request form for Clubs and Societies.

Included in the form is detailed criteria which will determine the eligibility of providing the University of Sydney Business School logo to Clubs and Societies for their use.

Contact for any enquiries.