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Graduate Careers

Depending upon your interests and skills the Business Information Systems (BIS) Major can be combined with a variety of other subjects opening up a wide variety of career opportunities:

  • A standalone BIS Major positions a student well to serve as the intermediary between business and IT functions helping ensure the benefits of IT are actually realised
  • Combined with other business courses such as the Accounting Major will provide students with the advantage of understanding how IT can contribute to their chosen area
  • Combined with other IT courses such as Database Administration the Major will enable students to ensure developments are business as well as technically effective

All business functions are relying more and more on the use of technology to remain competitive in the marketplace.

A BIS expert's main focus is to make the best use of technology to support the organisations business objectives. BIS increasingly underpins everything a business does.

"From the network to the Boardroom, our clients expect our people to add value to their organisation's information systems. Our commitment to hiring graduates with business information systems skills has been a key to meeting & exceeding our clients' expectations" - Mark Sercombe, Partner at Deloitte

Regardless of what your job is you need to be able to liaise with technology providers (who are often outsourced and/or offshore) to get the best use out of technology in your organisation.

Graduates in BIS are finding employment in roles such as:

  • Business Analyst or Business Systems Analyst
  • IS Auditor
  • BIS Risk Analyst
  • Information Policy Analyst
  • Web content manager
  • Document management specialist
  • Knowledge and information manager
  • BIS Management Consultant
  • BIS Project Manager
  • BIS Security and Compliance Specialist
  • Business professional in dual areas
    (e.g. Accounting or Marketing with Business Information Systems)