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BIS Alumni

Oliver Houchin

Oliver HouchinOliver completed a Master of Commerce degree majoring in Business Information Systems and is currently employed as a Management Consultant at Accenture, UK.

"Now, more than ever, we find ourselves living in a hyper-competitive world. Not only is this true of the business environment the world over, but of the large pool of internationally qualified university students seeking a job after graduation. Having found myself in this position not too long ago, I found that BIS aided my ability to obtain a job as most, if not all, large corporations currently employ information systems as a means to facilitate process improvements and to drive sustainable innovation (of which I had plenty of knowledge to bring to the table).

In addition, the learning experience that The University of Sydney utilises as a catalyst for the delivery of BIS ensured that the mixture of practice (e.g. actually customising an SAP system) and theory (e.g. of internationally recognised frameworks to manage IT risk) set me apart from the pool of 'other' graduates.

My current role as a Management Consultant is to provide one of Europe's largest Mixed Electrical Retailer with a Risk Mitigation strategy for the implementation of a New Operating Model - a project earmarked to save the organisation millions of British Pounds every year. Without the skills I had learnt doing BIS at Sydney University I would not be able to offer the intelligent insight that I do to some of the most senior directors in the UK; a challenging but hugely satisfying role".

Olivia Johnston

Olivia JohnstonOlivia graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Business Information Systems and Marketing and is currently working with Microsoft Australia as a Services Processes and Communications Intern (external) and Services Programs Coordinator (internal) Olivia is involved in the tactical execution of the Microsoft Services marketing plan as well as in the planning and budgeting process. She also deals with issues such as customer evidence, internal communications - company meeting videos/presentations, and process design and documentation for supporting Technical Account Managers.

"Working for a technology company my skills attained through the BIS subjects I did at Sydney University are used everyday. One particular subject - Business Process Integration & Design is useful for the process and tool re-design support function I hold. The subject Electronic Marketing was also useful due to communication with internal and external business groups/customers consistently performed in an electronic form. Many customers/ stakeholders are considered and treated as online business models so E-commerce Business Models has given me an overview of this emerging market.

My unique combination of majors made me an ideal candidate for the above internship role. I used my SAP Major assessment for tackling a group project management example".

Cato Jorgensens

Cato JorgensensCato completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Business Information Systems in 2006. He was also the student association president.

"I have always had a passion for information technology (IT) and yet I think to get anywhere, even within IT, you need to have a fundamental understanding of business in addition to a sound technical knowledge.

The Business Information Systems major focuses as much on the business side of IT as the technological side. I now have a better understanding of where the information technology fits into the bigger picture.

I enjoyed my degree and find the Faculty IT facilities top-notch. At the moment I am aiming to be a business analyst, but I like that the Commerce degree gives me so many skills and lets me keep my career options open.

As a student from Norway, I chose Sydney because it is such a reputable university. I came to Australia because I wanted to become more independent and in charge of my own life. I also wanted to meet new people and experience new things. In fact, one of the reasons I like it so much at The University of Sydney is all the great people I've met. I've met people from every corner of the world. Oh, and I really love the weather here!

Varuna Ravindra de Silva

Varuna Ravindra de SilvaSenior Risk Analyst, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

"I am currently employed at Deloitte as a Senior Risk Analyst in the Risk Services Division. I Graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and BIS. At Sydney Uni I developed a fundamental understanding of the key aspects of systems implementation. I studied units such as SAP implementation; Business Process Re-engineering; Process modelling and Simulation. To have a basic understanding of these activities and processes as a graduate helped me in my career to date.

I have had been employed by a number of successful organisations; Attune Consulting, IBM and currently Deloitte, these employers were impressed with my units of study at Sydney University. Undergraduate level knowledge in MIS, Process modelling and application knowledge of ARIS and MS PROJECT were highly valued by my employers.

To gain knowledge of a system such as SAP that is high in demand at undergraduate level is definitely an advantage for any graduate entering the job market.

I am thankful to the University for taking the initiative to instil a skill that is highly sort after in the ERP industry".

Joseph Tran

Joseph TranJoseph completed his studies of a combined BEngineering (Computer)/BCommerce degree majoring in Accounting and Business Information Systems in 2006.

"I have particularly enjoyed studying INFS2001 (Business Information Systems). It was interesting and varied and there were three lecturers who each brought a different perspective to the subject. This gave me a better understanding of how different people approach BIS and the many positions that are out there in the information systems industry. It also helped me to identify which areas of BIS I would like to undertake further studies in.

The Business Information Systems Association held an information session with Deloitte here in Sydney University. Mark Sercombe (Partner), Liz Brown (Director) and Richard Higgins (Graduate/Analyst) took time out of their busy schedules and came to talk to us about work at Deloitte and the opportunities in the Enterprise Risk Services division. It was after this that I applied and was accepted for the Deloitte Summer Vacation Program 2005-06.

The BIS subjects provided me with information that I recalled while on the job. This made the tasks feel less foreign and I was much more comfortable knowing that I actually had some idea of what I was doing!

So if you want to have technical edge in your arsenal of skills but don't want to delve into hardcore technical mumbo jumbo like programming a domain controller, BIS is definitely the way to go".

Niven Vanmali

Niven VanmaliNiven VanmaliNiven graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in BIS and Finance / Bachelor of Engineering (Computer) and is currently working with the IT Infrastructure Group at Macquarie Bank.

The Business Information Systems subjects at the University of Sydney have helped me understand better the systems and the business processes supported by those systems. Rather than taking a purely technical approach, I have found it easier to work through process problems and provide better internal customer support, as I understand both the technical and business issues surrounding any given task. In particular, first and second year INFS subjects have laid the foundation by exposing me to the business cycles and the types of systems that support them. In third year, I extended this knowledge through a deeper understanding of business processes, enterprise systems and business system implementation issues. By the time I had finished I found myself regularly referring to my BIS studies at work, to not only solve technical problems, but to see how I could improve any of the business processes that IT was involved in. This has enabled me to be involved with several projects that I would have otherwise been ill-equipped to handle. Sydney Uni?s BIS school provides both a conceptual and theoretical approach to Information Systems, which I believe ensures a more thorough understanding and applicable skill set.

The BIS subjects I took, suggested to the employer a broader understanding of Information Systems principles, rather than a narrow technical view, and I believe that this was a key factor in obtaining job offers?.

Cheng Wang (Claire)

Cheng Wang (Claire)Claire WangClaire has recently completed a Master of Commerce with a major in Business Information Systems.

?I particularly enjoyed studying INFS6015 Business Process Management, INFS 6012 Business Process Integration, and INFS 6018 Business Intelligence Systems. These three subjects are a good combination; they gave me a great understanding of current industry trends.

BIS subjects have given me a fundamental knowledge of the importance of business process and the advantages of process-oriented organizations, they also highlighted what companies are doing now, and gave me a sound understanding of the challenges as well as the opportunities for companies and how BIS can help at different organizational levels. BIS teaching staff provided us with many real company case studies.

BIS academics have provided me with the latest knowledge of what is happening now and what we could expect in the future.

I joined bisa (Business Information Systems Student Association) in my first semester and have attended many very interesting industry events, bisa has also provided me with the opportunity to meet other BIS students and share our experience and knowledge of BIS courses and issues.

I am now also a member of Australian Computer Society (ACS). I have attended several ACS events and had the opportunity to share my ideas with BIS professionals. I am becoming more and more confident to talk and discuss BIS issues with them?.

Andre Wiran

Andre Wiran"I graduated in 2005. I got two offers of employment few months before I graduated. One from Ernst & Young and another one from PricewaterhouseCoopers.

I am currently working as a consultant with the Business Assurance group of PricewaterhouseCoopers. My job is to analyse business processes and controls that exist. Organisations have business goals. There are business risks that they have to deal with. I work with the clients to analyze business processes and controls that exist to achieve business objectives and to mitigate risks. I help clients to improve internal control and processes by providing advice on improving controls.

BIS subjects have really helped me in my current role by developing my IT and business skills which are useful in my job. A good example is a project engagement requiring SAP skills and understanding of business processes. One of my clients was implementing SAP. I work with the client to improve controls around business processes and SAP. The INFS6012 (Integrated Enterprise Systems) and INFS6015 (Business Process Analysis and Design) developed my SAP skills as well as my understanding of business processes.

Another good example of how BIS subjects have assisted me in my current role is a project requiring SQL skills. A major bank in Australia is currently improving controls. The project requires PricewaterhouseCoopers consultants to validate the new system design. My role in this project is to ensure that the new database is working well as designed. Thus, the project required people with MS Access background. I gained MS Access skills from INFS6000 (Business Information Systems)".

Natasha Yap

Natasha YapNatasha completed a Bachelor of Commerce in 2004 with majors in Business Information Systems, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. She is then undertook a Master of International Business majoring in Business Information Systems, successfully completing in 2005.

"Throughout my three years studying at the University, I have developed a deep interest in the field of Information Systems. I believe that my current study complements my future career, as information in today's world is considered an important asset and there is increasing focus on this area.

The course is structured in a very systematic way and provides me with a strong foundation. The core subjects exposed me to all the various elements in Information Systems and enabled me to decide which areas I want to study as I progress further in my course. Lecturers have given me pointers not available from the textbooks and which will prove valuable in the real business world. Apart from the foundation subjects, the studies I enjoy include Knowledge Management, Project Management, Risk Management and Business Intelligence Systems subjects. These subjects have been very well tailored and are consistent with the demands and trends of today's market, which is a vital element for students.

With the knowledge I possess now, I have a solid platform to build on as I step to the business career that I've set my mind on".