Our Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners are extremely diverse in terms of their sector of activity, organisational culture, size, as well as in terms of their reasons for being a part of the Master of Management program. We invite our Corporate Partners to be active in all aspects within the program: from their active contribution to the strategic goals and management of the program to contributing to our students' learning experience in the classroom, to welcoming our graduates and alumni as new recruits in their organisations. The relationships that we have with our Corporate Partners are highly valued and is a long term, mutually-beneficial commitment.

Our Corporate Partners may participate in the Masters of Management program in a number of ways including (but not limited to):

  • skills seminars
  • business projects
  • involvement in student selection
  • participation at networking events
  • guest lecture & curriculum development in specific units of study

Skills seminars

Typically one-day (min. half-day or max. 2-day) interactive training seminars which help students develop essential skills relevant to management life. Corporate partners are responsible for designing and delivering the seminar content in cooperation with the Master of Management Academic Director.

Business projects

Master of Management students work on a consultancy-like project which address real life business problems. The university appoints an academic advisor to support and coordinate the students. In return, companies will be presented with the results of the study and concrete solutions on the problem they raised, while having the opportunity to scout emerging talent for recruitment.

Student selection

All Masters of Management applicants are required to attend at least one interview and provide a statement of motivation. This provides the Academic Director and our corporate partners with the opportunity to assess the students and admit the very best possible candidates.

Networking events

The Management Education Office runs an extensive annual program of networking events designed to encourage students and corporate partners to exchange ideas and viewpoints. Corporate partners also have the opportunity to provide a guest speaker if they wish. Typically, networking events are held outside business hours and feature a relevant business theme.

Guest lecture & curriculum development

We welcome the opportunity to work with our corporate partners to develop course curriculums that are relevant to contemporary business. In this way, students will be able to graduate, with assurance that the material they have learnt is not just for academic use, but ¿¿is also industry-relevant and internationally significant. If you would like to know more about how your organisation can get involved as a Corporate partner, please contact Tina Vissem, Corporate Relations Coordinator, Management Education Office.