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Business Information Systems

Digital disruption: The length of the fuse and the size of the bang.

Mark Sercombe & Frank Farrell, Deloitte

7th Nov 2012  10:00 am - The Boardroom, Darlington Centre

According to leading professional services firm, Deloitte, responding to the 'length of the fuse and the size of the bang' is set to become a new measure of success, and failure, for business and public sector organisations across Australia as they grapple with the transformative reality of digital disruption.  Using data across 13 factors and 26 indicators that determine the intensity and timing of digital disruption, industries, and the organisations operating within them, have been mapped to identify digital impacts and timeframes. Deloitte, has singled out six industries, representing about one third of the $1.4 trillion Australian economy, that they predict will be subject to significant digital disruption (the bang) in the near future (the fuse). The industries are professional services, finance, ICT and media, retail trade, art and recreation and real estate. Those facing an equally big bang, but within a longer time frame, comprise another third of the economy including education, government services, transport and post, health, recruitment, utilities and agriculture. Deloitte suggest that the landscape of each is open to transformation as falling barriers to entry open the door for a new generation of entrepreneurs.  To continue to thrive incumbents will need to move beyond defending past business models and engage in new, innovative and disruptive approaches.