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Appointment and roles of Pro-Deans, Deputy Deans, Associate Deans and Sub-Deans Resolutions (31KB PDF)

Appointment of a Deputy Vice-Chancellor or Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Selection Committee Resolutions (33KB PDF)

Appointment of Vice-Chancellor Resolutions (29KB PDF)

Charter of Academic Freedom (29KB PDF)

Committees – Academic Board

Committees – Senate

Delegations of Authority: Academic Functions (83KB PDF)

Supplementary Delegations of Authority – Academic Functions (70KB PDF)

Election of Principal Officers of the Senate, and of Committees of the Senate and of the Fellow Referred to in Section 9(1) (c) of the Policy (37KB PDF)

Governance of Faculties, Colleges, College Boards, Boards of Studies, Departments, Schools and Committees Policy (110KB PDF)

Guidelines Concerning Commercial Activities Section 26B of the University of Sydney Act 1989 (58KB PDF)

Selection of Candidates for Honorary Awards Policy 2015 (41KB PDF)

Sports Unions, SRC and Faculty Societies, SUPRA, Union, Cumberland Student Guild and SASCA Policy (33KB PDF)

University Governance Resolutions (as amended) (49KB PDF)