Self employment

If you possess, or plan to obtain a niche and/or high demand skill then self employment could be a viable career goal. You don't even have to wait until you graduate. Here are some self employment options to earn money while you study:

  • Tutor - teach younger students from school or uni in an area of expertise, e.g. Music, Maths, Chemistry, English.
  • Technical Consulting - use your IT skills to set up home-office systems and networks for SOHOs, or use your accounting skills to do book keeping for SMEs.

As a long term career option there are many factors to consider, and we recommend you weigh them all up carefully before embarking on any solo ventures. Visit the following websites to find out all about setting up a solo venture, including advice, logistics and legalities:

Business simulation programmes

While you study, why not engage in one of the many business simulation programmes available? Participation in these look great on your resume, give you real life business and entrepreneurial experience and assists in building your networks. Programmes include: