What if I don't like my degree?

If you are not happy with your degree choice so far don't despair. Often we learn best through experience, and sometimes it's necessary to try something in order to discover whether or not it's the best fit.

Learn from your experiences so far

Take advantage of this opportunity to consolidate your understanding about yourself and your career interests. This will help to guide you in your future choices.

Analyse what it is exactly about your course that doesn't match your interests and/or skills:

  • Is it the whole course, or only discrete elements of it? If so, which ones?
  • Which subjects, if any, would you like to continue with?
  • Is it the content, the assignments, the environment or other external factors that are causing the feeling of mismatch or dissatisfaction?

Change of degrees or subjects

On reflection you may conclude that the best option is to change subjects or degrees.

It is possible to change subjects in your degree or withdraw from a unit of study up until the census date without financial penalty.

If you wish to change degrees you will in most cases need to apply through University Admissions Centre. For more information, visit the Changing your undergraduate degree course page.

Deferring your studies

To clarify your career interests it may be useful to gain some work experience before continuing with your studies. In that case consider deferring and using the ensuing year or semester to engage in paid or volunteer work in relevant fields so as to test your long term career interests.

Taking a gap year

This is a popular option with students all over the world. It can include working, travelling or volunteering abroad. This experience can look good on your resume. Broadening your experience of life and your skills can also assist in the long term career decision-making process. Visit our Gap year page for further information.