Current undergraduates

Now that you have commenced your studies you may find additional questions have arisen. We have included information in this section that addresses some of the most commonly asked questions of us by students, such as:

Do you have other questions in relation to your course and career? Other common questions are addressed in our regular workshops. Login to Your Careers Centre to book a place at the next workshop that addresses your questions.

How can I find a tutor to help with my studies?

University students wanting private tuition or mentoring for their degree subjects may advertise on the Your Careers Centre Jobs database.

Firstly, you will need to register as a private employer seeking a casual tutor. Click here to register for a new employer account. You will receive a username and password. To advertise the position you need to login to the Employer Centre Jobs Database and select the job ad option to create your ad. Visit the employer's casual employment page for more details.

Seek help early in the semester to maximize your chances for success as it may be harder to get tuition later in semester.