Which major is for me?

Consider your career goals

The choice of your majors needs to be governed primarily by your career goals. If you are studying a Bachelor of Commerce and wish to work in Learning and Development, then it would be advisable to select a Human Resources subject as your major.

Maximise your strengths

A secondary consideration needs to be the potential to achieve high grades. Choosing a major in an area of high capability and/or interest should increase your chances of high performance. Consistent academic results is one of the key factors taken into consideration by graduate recruiters when selecting job candidates.

Get informed

Finally, ensure that you research each of your major options carefully. Be clear about what content will be covered and what the assignment expectations are. Be realistic about what you can achieve and which option will increase your chances of achieving positive outcomes for your career and your grades.

Have a close look at the website and publications of your faculty. Some faculties will publish information about career options, recent opportunities and alumni stories.