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Additional activities

Our optional activities are an opportunity to expand on your overseas experience. Optional activities are taken in conjunction with programs.
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All workshops are AUD$60 per student for a 2 hour session.

English for Business Communication and Leadership

Students will have the opportunity to hone their English communication skills in Business. They will be in closed classes led by teachers highly trained in both English language instruction and business communication. Students will work on business projects and present them at the end of the program. They will receive a certificate from the Centre for English Teaching, University of Sydney that will state the name and duration of the program.

Topics available:

  • Working internationally
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creating a Professional Profile
  • Note-taking for Lectures.

Effective Presentations

Topics available:

  • Presentation Structure and Signposting
  • The Body Language of Confident Speakers
  • Intonation and Pronunciation Patterns
  • Handling Questions and Answers Sessions
  • Managing Nerves and Presentation Anxiety.

Multiculturalism in Australia

Students will be introduced to the history and current status of multicultural Australia. They will join a panel discussion with University of Sydney students and graduates from a range cultural background.

Leadership for Women

The program participants work on individual projects with a formal presentation at the end.

  • Assertive Communication for Women
  • Cross-Cultural Competence for Leaders
  • Presentation Skills for Leaders
  • Strengths Assessment and Career Goal Setting.


Students will attend sessions led by lecturers from the University of Sydney Business School. All lectures are 1 hour each and are AUD$90 per student.

. Lectures available:

  • Doing business internationally
  • Trading the Australian market
  • Innovation and Critical thinking
  • The growth of doing business sustainably
  • Australia and its trade relationship.
  • Working in teams
  • Leadership theories
  • Organisational Structure and Design.Understanding Stakeholders
  • History of Management
  • Future of Business
  • Business Strategy.
  • Student Ambassadors

    Student have a variety of workshops to choose from that will develop their English language skills and social and practical communication skills through conversational English language workshop and guided tours with university students and the wider university. Sessions are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Student ambassador sessions are AUD$50 per student for a 2 hour session, except for the ANZ Stadium Tour which is AUD$90 per student for a 4 hour session.

    Communication Series

    • Introduction to Australia
    • Let’s Talk
    • Culture Club
    • Communication for Advanced
    • Speakers.

    Professional series

    • Pronunciation Practice
    • CV & Interview Skills
    • Listening Closely
    • Guided Writing.

    Guided Tours Series

    NSW Government Education International

    The following activities are available through the NSW Government Education International:

    • School visit – 1-2 hours. AUD$90.00 per person.
    • School visit – Half day. AUD$135.00 per person.
    • School visit – Full day. AUD$180.00 per person.
    • Industry Presentation. AUD$120.00 per person.