Frequently Asked Questions

The messageboard at the Centre

What is a Chaplain?
A chaplain is a person (lay or ordained) who has been appointed by their faith community and officially recognised by the University to provide spiritual support and pastoral care to students and staff on campus. Chaplains are committed to helping people come to terms with questions of life and faith.

Who can use the Chaplaincy service?
Anyone who is linked to the university, whether they are student, staff, family or past student can contact the chaplaincy service. Whilst chaplains are part of the University life, they are not employees of the University. Chaplains are supported by their churches or faith communities and their services on campus are free and confidential.

Chaplains discuss the coming year at a meeting on campus

Where are the Chaplains?
The Chaplains' Centre is in M240 on Level 2 of the Merewether Building (H04), along City Road on the Darlington Campus, University of Sydney.

When can I meet a Chaplain?
Some of the chaplains are regularly available in the Chaplain's Centre, however others may need to be rung in advance to make an appointment.