Advertise on the Accommodation Database

The University of Sydney has an accommodation database specifically for our students. We have a free-to-advertise service for private owners who wish to rent available rooms to students. The database is available to all currently enrolled University of Sydney students and we encourage you to use it, especially if you are located near our campuses.

You will have to register with the Accommodation Service before you can advertise. Registration will provide you with a username and password, details that you will require to log in to the database.

Your privacy

Only currently enrolled students will be able to access the accommodation database. While going through the database, they will only be able to view the name listed under ‘Contact Person’, street name and suburb, contact number and, should you wish, your email address.

If you receive an enquiry from a student who is not currently enrolled at the University of Sydney, please contact us immediately.


The University has systems in place to ensure the integrity of the Accommodation Database. However, you should be mindful of scams and be informed on where to seek assistance.

NSW Fair Trading is a useful resource in protecting yourself against scammers. It also contains information on how to avoid and how to report scams.

Our simple tip to you is not to give or receive money from someone whom you have not met! Endeavour to meet your potential tenant before agreeing to lease the room – there is nothing like meeting a person face-to-face to determine if they are suitable for your place.