Cultural sensitivity

Culture can be defined as the patterns, traits, and products which are the expression of a particular period, class, community or population. In terms of its people Australia has a high level of cultural diversity. CAPS counsellors are qualified health practitioners who have been trained to be highly effective in communicating and collaborating with clients. Similar to Australian society, they too come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and are also familiar with issues of cultural adaption.

Cross-cultural counselling occurs when the cultural patterns of the counsellor and the client differ. Counsellors have been trained to be aware of their own worldview so that they do not impose their personal and cultural assumptions on their clients. They also have been trained to respect cultural differences and to work collaboratively with individuals and different cultural groups.

CAPS counsellors have also undertaken training in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness provided by the University of Sydney's Koori Centre.

We hope that these skills and experiences will mean that, although it is likely to be the case that your counsellor is not a perfect match in terms of equivalency of culture, you will find that their professional approach and interest in you as an individual provides you with support that is useful.