Special Consideration Policy

We are often asked if CAPS provides professional documentation for students supporting their applications to get extensions, defer exams or appeal against academic decisions The answer is that CAPS counsellors have the professional capacity to provide documents within certain parameters. While there are exceptions, documents are not normally written after the fact (i.e. a request for a letter after a deadline has been missed) if the counsellor has no prior knowledge of the circumstances leading up to the difficulty, or if the issues do not reach assessed level of impact as required on the University forms.

CAPS recommends that you visit the University of Sydney's webpage on Special Consideration for assistance in determining whether you meet the University's requirements.

In instances where a qualified health practitioner cannot support your claim, you may benefit from submitting a Statutory Declaration signed by a Justice of the Peace as documentation supporting your application. Submitting a Statutory Declaration form is something you may wish to discuss with your CAPS Counsellor.