What do I do when things go wrong?

For most students, university is a relatively smooth process. There will always be some stressful times, but by and large your children have the capacity to cope if given the change. However, there are some occasions where things can get difficult such as:

  • Disability
  • Mental health concerns
  • Show cause and exclusions
  • Serious academic allegations such as plagiarism

It is important to be familiar with the services in place at the University of Sydney to assist your child. Student Support Services offers a wide range of assistance including, counseling, financial assistance, disability support and careers. Encourage your child to seek out these free service when necessary.

For times when academic issues arise it is important to encourage your student to speak with their course co-ordinator immediately. It may also be useful for them to speak with a representative from the student advocacy bodies the SRC and SUPRA.

More than anything, encourage your child to take action when things go wrong!

Common parent concerns

Watch the video below to hear about some common concerns from parents of university students.