Research students

CAPS and postgraduate research students

Adjusting to the demands and challenges of postgraduate research can be daunting, particularly if you are new to the University. There are however many resources across the university that are available to assist you.

Our e-book series provides a wide range of online information about topics ranging from time-management, managing procrastination and perfectionism, to coping with stress and other strategies for maintaining wellbeing.

Research students are very welcome to attend any of our workshops, which run each semester and we encourage you to participate in Building Skills for Postgraduate Research Success, designed to assist research students develop the psychological skills and attitudes that will help sustain successful research efforts (even during the tough times!). Many postgraduate research students also find the skills acquired within our Mindfulness and Acceptance-based group programs extremely helpful.

Postgraduate research can impact on relationships, finances and general well being. If you would like to speak with one of our counsellors about these or other issues please make an appointment.

Other University services and links

The University provides a Postgraduate Welcome and Orientation event at the beginning of each semester.

The Research Support website also provides a comprehensive listing of financial, academic and other support services for research students. In particular, the Learning Centre and the Careers Centre provide resources and workshops for postgraduate students. If you are also a staff member and a parent you may also find the Parents Network a useful resource.

To help you maintain a healthy work/study balance, you might also explore the Sydney University Sport and Fitness (SUSF) facilities, and other University clubs and societies.

Finally, SUPRA is the independent representative association providing advice, advocacy and support services to the postgraduate students at the University of Sydney.