Student life

Two students at a cafe

There's more to Uni life than just lectures and tutorials.

Get involved in life on campus by joining student clubs and societies, participating in sporting activities, visiting the University’s museums and art galleries, attending a concert, or just hanging out with friends between lectures in our study and recreation spaces.

Stay informed, get involved, and share your stories

Enjoy live music, great coffee, and amazing exhibitions and performances

There are cafes, bars and restaurants on and around campus, where you can eat, grab a coffee or pick up a snack on the way to class. Manning Bar, Hermann's Bar and the Seymour Centre are also great spots for live music and other performances.

You'll find museums and galleries on the Camperdown/Darlington campuses, and if you want a quiet place to rest, read and recuperate, there's plenty of green spaces, libraries, access labs and learning hubs.

Stay fit, be part of a team, and let off some steam

Everything you need to get and stay fighting fit is available on campus, whether you want to swim, climb, swing a racket or bounce a ball. We've got fully equipped fitness centres, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and lots of outdoor space, including tennis courts and ovals. You can also join a sporting club and play for the University.