Graduation day

All ceremonies will be held in the Great Hall at the Quadrangle of the University of Sydney. Ceremonies last for about one and a half hours.

To find out more about your Graduation Ceremony, download or view the Information for Graduands (pdf) booklet.

Live ceremony streaming

All ceremonies are streamed live. To watch a live video stream of your ceremony, select from the sessions below:

Date Ceremony
6 March 9.25am 11.30am 2.00pm 4.00pm
13 March 9.25am  11.30am  2.00pm  
20 March 9.25am  11.30am  2.00pm  
26 March 9.25am  11.30am    4.00pm
27 March 9.25am  11.30am    4.00pm
9 April 9.25am  11.30am  2.00pm  
10 April 9.25am  11.30am  2.00pm  
17 April 9.25am  11.30am  2.00pm  4.00pm
30 April 9.25am  11.30am  2.00pm  

Times are given in AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time


Location of the Quadrangle on a map

Registration process

The registration desk will be open one hour prior to your ceremony. You need to register to receive your seating allocation for the ceremony and your guest tickets.

Guest tickets

Your e-invitation will tell you how many guest tickets have been allocated to you.

Guest tickets will be available from the registration desk when you arrive to register and receive your seating allocation.


Limited free parking is available for graduands and their guests on graduation ceremony days in the Shepherd Street car park only. At other places on campus, normal parking restrictions apply.

A free shuttle bus service (PDF) will be provided to transfer graduands and their guests from the Shepherd Street car park to the main campus on graduation days. The bus service will run on a continuous loop every 15 minutes starting at 8am and concluding one hour after the final ceremony of the day.

Parking will be extremely limited and we recommend that you use public transport. Please also be aware that there is no guarantee of a parking space on the day.


You will be fully briefed immediately before your graduation ceremony.

The ceremony begins when the academic procession enters the Great Hall to the accompaniment of the organ.

At the beginning of the ceremony all graduands will be asked to stand. The Chancellor will then confer the degrees and award the diplomas and certificates with the words: “In the name of the Senate and by my authority as Chancellor, I admit each of you present to the degree, or award you the diploma or certificate to which you are entitled.”

Graduates will then be asked to sit, except for the first person listed in the program, who sets the pattern for the rest of the graduates. This a summary of the procedure:

  1. Stand at the end of your row (when asked).
  2. Move to first row (when asked).
  3. When the dean calls your name, salute the dean – men do this by raising their trenchers, women by either touching their trencher, bowing slightly or curtseying
  4. Move up the steps to greet the Chancellor and receive your testamur.
  5. Salute the Chancellor as you leave.
  6. Return to the row in front of your original row via the centre aisle.
  7. Take the furthest available seat.

When you return to your seat, examine the personal details on the testamur to ensure that all are correct. In the rare event of an
error, visit the Student Centre in the Jane Foss Russell Building after the ceremony and ask to speak to someone from the Graduations Office. Where possible, you will receive a new testamur on the same day.

After all graduates have been presented, the Ceremonial Registrar will ask those who have been admitted to doctorate degrees to stand.

The academic procession will then stand and acknowledge the University’s newest doctoral graduates.


The USU provides a service for pre and post graduation portraits and degree framing. Please visit the Sydney Store for bookings and more details

DVDs and plaques

DVDs of your graduation ceremony and wall-mountable plaque reproductions of your testamur can be ordered online from Ambassador Productions or from the Ambassador Productions outlet in the Quadrangle immediately after your ceremony.

Child care

You and your guests need to make your own arrangements for child care as there are no child care facilities available at graduation.


You and your guests are invited to enjoy free refreshments in the Quadrangle after your graduation ceremony. Champagne is also available for purchase.

Celebrate your graduation with lunch at the Forum Restaurant. Enjoy a 3 course lunch and complimentary glass of champagne or sparkling mineral water on arrival. $55 per person. Phone 9351 4664 or email and quote “Graduation” to make your reservation. Further information available at the Darlington Centre website.

What to do if you can't attend

If you do not attend your graduation ceremony, your degree, diploma or certificate will be awarded in your absence (‘in absentia’).

Your testamur and transcripts will be sent by registered post to the address listed on your student record which can by updated on myuni. If you email the in advance, you may collect your documentation from the Student Centre.

If you would like a friend or family member to collect your testamur and transcripts on your behalf please ensure you have emailed us from your university email address beforehand with the full name of the person collecting.

You may graduate in absentia and attend a graduation ceremony only when the ceremony is held overseas.