Research at the Faculty of Dentistry

Research at the University of Sydney Faculty of Dentistry embraces innovative research through our broad themes of Chronic Disease and Ageing well/Ageing productively in alignment with other Health Science Faculties of the University.

A major impact of oral disease within diverse communities relates to the burden of chronic infections, particularly caries and periodontal disease. The causes, consequences and treatment needs for these diseases continues to drive initiatives for research into prevention, early intervention and improved treatment outcomes.

Our research strengths are in the areas of microbial pathogenicity, biomaterials, implant technology, tissue regeneration and minimal intervention therapies for management of caries.

Research in the Faculty of Dentistry
Chronic Diseases Ageing Well/Ageing Productively
 Basic Research Translational/Clinical Research Basic Research  Translational/Clinical Research
Periodontal pathogenesis Periodontal surgery/regeneration Biomaterials Biomaterials
Caries pathogenesis Mucosal pathologies Wound Healing Jaw function/Orofacial pain
  Interventional caries management   Prosthodontic/Oral rehabilitation
      Orthodontic Rehabilitation