Personal Qualities Assessment - Test Centre Code of Conduct

Your letter of invitation and Test Centre Admission Card (issued by the PQA office on receipt of your application) plus Proof of Identitity (i.e., suitable photo-id with name and recent photo likeness, such as driving licence or passport) must be presented at the PQA registration desk at the test centre. If you do not have these documents, you will not be permitted to enter the test centre. There will be no exceptions allowed.

Exam conditions apply:

  • No mobile phones may be taken into the examination hall at the test centre.
  • Bags can be stored in secure conditions during the test session.
  • No candidate will be admitted to the examination hall after 30 minutes into the test session.
  • Candidates may leave the examination hall after 30 minutes providing they have surrendered their test booklets and answer paper.

Consequences of Inappropriate Behaviour

Penalties will apply for inappropriate or unethical behaviour.

Candidates must not:

  • Attempt to complete the test on behalf of another candidate or allow any other candidate to sit the test on their behalf;
  • Attempt to duplicate any part of the test or remove any materials from the test centre;
  • Disregard the invigilator's (test supervisor) explicit instructions at any time;
  • Continue to work when instructed to cease writing by the invigilator upon reaching the conclusion of the time limit of the test;
  • Attempt to give or receive assistance from any source during the test;
  • Create a disturbance;
  • Bring any unauthorised materials into the examination hall (e.g., notes, calculators, mobile phones, cameras, recording devices or stationery other than pencils and an eraser);
  • Attempt to pass on information about the test or its contents to any other person or entity for personal or commercial gain;
  • Provide false or misleading information at any stage of the registration process.

Any breaches of the above rules will result in automatic cancellation of the PQA scores and may prevent candidates from re-registering in future years.