Study Dentistry

We offer two pathways to becoming a dentist.

  1. Doctor of Dental Medicine – graduate entry
  2. Double Degree Dentistry (Bachelor of Science (Advanced)/Doctor of Dental Medicine) – for high school leavers with outstanding results

Either pathway will allow you to graduate and become a dentist, eligible for registration with the Dental Board of Australia.

Doctor of Dental Medicine
This four-year, full-time, graduate-entry course offers you the opportunity to develop skills through practice-based learning and will expose you to new dental technologies and research.
The Doctor of Dental Medicine will teach you to be a dentist who draws on evidence to effectively treat patients and is responsive to the changing oral health needs of the community.

This program has evolved to respond to changing market demands for newly graduated dentists who can confidently and ethically assume clinical practice and leadership positions or continue with further research if they wish.

What will I learn?

First year
In the first year, the course is based primarily at the Camperdown Campus and the Sydney Dental Hospital, and includes visits to the Westmead Centre for Oral Health. You will learn clinical context and theory through study as well as participate in simulated learning from year one. You will also undertake research studies, which continue throughout the four years of the program.

Second year
From year two, you will become increasingly engaged in patient-based clinical experiences at the two main academic hospitals. A community component is available through placements in rural, remote and metropolitan dental clinics.

Third year
By the end of year three, you will have a broad range of clinical experiences expected of newly qualified dentists, and will have the opportunity to participate in an elective placement locally, interstate or overseas. This will help you prepare for a particular career direction, explore different clinical settings and enhance skills in an area of your choice.

Fourth year
In the final year of the degree, you will undertake intensive courses in Fixed Prosthodontics and Implantology, as well as continuing your integrated clinical education.
All students must participate in clinical placements in both metropolitan and rural locations during the Doctor of Dental Medicine program.

Course aims

The Doctor of Dental Medicine will allow you to:

  • Understand how to make treatment decisions most appropriate for patients as individuals
  • Gain confidence in treating patients through simulation and practice-based experience
  • Develop leadership skills to enable contribution to the dental community – as an ambassador of health
  • Crystallise professional values and ethics, social conscious and cultural awareness
  • Make informed decisions by critiquing research and evidence, and
  • Instil a passion for life-long learning, self-development and self-evaluation.

Why study at Sydney?

Study dentistry with us and:

  • Learn in an intellectually stimulating and challenging environment, from leading academics and researchers who are key members of the dental community
  • Develop leadership skills allowing you to make valuable contributions to this long-standing and respected health profession
  • Gain valuable clinical experience from the first week and in later years of the course, gain valuable experience in patient care
  • Learn about evidence-based care and how to incorporate this to ensure effective patient treatment
  • Have the opportunity to undertake clinical experience in rural and regional settings or overseas, and
  • Be fully qualified to practise as a dentist in Australia upon graduation.

Key academic staff

Dr Susie Dracopoulos – Doctor of Dental Medicine Year Coordinator

Susie Dracopoulos

“Being based primarily at Sydney Dental Hospital has huge advantages; it’s a working dental hospital so we see real patients with real problems. This calls for students to provide the highest quality patient-centred care – a skill vital for practice. Being a dentist is a career that requires life-long enquiry and I think the course instils this in our students."
Meet our academics and read more about Dr Susie Dracopoulos

Graduate opportunities

Graduates of the Doctor of Dental Medicine are eligible for immediate registration with the Dental Board of Australia, allowing them to go straight in to practice. Canadian students can undertake the examination of the National Examining Board of Canada, allowing registration and practice in their home country.

Our highly sought after dentists have opportunities in:

  • Private practice as an assistant dentist (salaried or commissioned)
  • Solo practice, associate practice (sharing expenses but not fees)
  • A partnership (sharing expenses)
  • Public service – hospitals, schools, department of health
  • Defence forces
  • Academic pursuits (higher study and experience), and
  • Specialisation (on completion of a professional and research experience and additional academic studies).