Past events


  • Data big and small: Limitations of data-driven approaches to informing learning theory - Professor Peter Reimann on 19th March. Recording available here
  • What matters in Networked Learning - Professor Peter Goodyear on 12th March. Recording available here


  • The changing face of education - Associate Professor Manjula Sharma on 30 Oct.
  • Developing autonomy and self-efficacy with technology - Rafael A. Calvo, and Dorian Peters on 16 Oct. Recording available here
  • Messing with digital literacies: textual practices in the new media digital landscape - Professor Mary Hamilton on 11 Oct. Recording available here
  • Messing with digital literacies: textual practices in the new media digital landscape - Professor Mary Hamilton on 11 Oct. Recording available here
  • Forging futures - Dr Sandra Peter and Professor Lesley Farrell on 18 Sept. Recording available here
  • Ideation, problem-solving and reasoning - Dr Sharon Oviatt on 11 Sept. Recording available here
  • Science expertise and the prominence of causal knowledge - Dr Micah Goldwater on 28 Aug. Recording available here
  • A tacit-knowledge perspective on engagement with networked learning activities - Nina Boderup Dohn on 21 Aug.
  • Connected Learning in Interest-Driven Knowledge Building Communities - Crystle Martin and Amanda Ochsner on 8 Aug. Recording available here
  • Publishing your research with Springer - Bernadette Ohmer and Nick Melchior on 26 June. This seminar will not be made available online.
  • Theory and metatheory in developmental science - Minkang Kim and Derek Sankey on 12 June. This seminar will not be made available online.
  • The Engagement, Learning and Technology Nexus (ELTN) - Jennifer Way on 29 May. Recording available here, sound quality is variable.
  • Empowering pre-service teachers’ problem solving using adaptive scaffolding within a systems dynamic learning environment - Chwee Beng Lee on 22-May. Recording available here.
  • Statistical learning: What is it and why might it be of interest to clinicians and educators? - Joanne Arciuli on 15 May. This seminar will not be made available online.
  • The Five Cognitive Strategies of Design Thinking and Their (Potential) Contributions to Learning by Design - Andy Dong on 8th May. Recording available here.
  • The Digital Education Revolution: Initial data analysis of teacher and student reported use of laptops in year 10 science - Simon Crook on 24 Apr. Recording available here. Blog post available on Simon's site.
  • Interactive Tabletops for Learning: can they help teachers support face-to-face collaboration? - Roberto Martinez on 17 Apr. Recording available here (sound quality is low).
  • Learning with, and coordination between, representations in science and mathematics: “What should I do next?” - Sten Ludvigsen on Apr 10. Recording available here.
  • Using Learning Analytics to help Flip the Classroom - Abelardo Pardo on 13 Mar. Slides available here. Recording available here (sound quality is low).


  • Teaching and learning: a knowledge in pieces perspective - David Ashe and Shaista Bibi on 21 Nov. Recording available online.
  • Networked professional learning - Peter Sloep on 20 Nov. Recording available online.
  • Positive Computing: How can technology support well-being? CoCo CHAI LATTE with A/Prof Rafael Calvo on 14 Nov. This seminar will not be made available online.
  • “eLearning Interface Design: A research-based approach to supporting learning outcomes through design” - Dorian Peters on Nov 7. This seminar will not be made available online.
  • Beyond Serious Games: Computational scientific inquiry with agent-based virtual environments for learning - CoCo CHAI LATTE with Professor Michael Jacobson on Oct 31. Recording available online.
  • Social Networks in eLearning Systems - Daniel Burn on Oct 24. Recording available online.
  • Research and development in online synchronous learning - Dr Matt Bower on Oct 17. Recording available online.
  • Threshold concepts: Professional development about online teaching - Dr Maria Northcote and Dr Kevin Gosselin on 10 Oct. Recording available here.
  • Remote Laboratories: logistical enhancement of pedagogic innovation? - CoCo CHAI LATTE seminar presented by Professor David Lowe on Sep 19 - recording available here.
  • CoCo members' seminar with Gilbert Importante and Shahadat Hossain Khan on Sep 12.
  • Lifelong learner modelling, harnessing pervasive technology for learning - CoCo CHAI LATTE seminar with Judy Kay on Aug 29. Available online here.
  • Parent-school engagement: toward a theoretical framework of institutional strategies, tactical resistance and cultural production - Associate Professor Sue Saltmarsh on 22 August 2012. (Recording available here.)
  • What can cognitive and metacognitive research teach us about learning? Illusions and Pitfalls. - Professor Marie Carroll on 15 August 2012. (Recording available here.)
  • What is socio-environmental synthesis? And what do we know about how people learn about it? - a CoCo seminar by Dr Kate Thompson on 8 August 2012. (Recording available here).
  • Realistic Virtual Agents That Express Complex Emotions In Multiple Modalities, a CoCo-CHAI-LATTE seminar by Professor Jean-Claude Martin - July 9th (recording available here).
  • Researching the knowledge - building question across schools and higher education - Professor Lyn Yates on July 25 2012. (Recording available here.)
  • ICLS 2012 - The 10th International Conference of the Learning Sciences CoCo hosted ICLS in 2012 bringing this major Learning Sciences event to Sydney. [2-6 Jul 2012]. Videos of the keynotes are available on the CoCo YouTube Channel.
  • CoCo, in association with IISME, the Lesotho College of Education and Pepperdine University, hosted a pre-Pre-Conference workshop on Teacher Creativity at the Intersection of Cognition, Content and Interactive Digital as part of the lead up to ICLS 2012 on Monday July 2nd. Information here..
  • Learning Design - a CoCo-CHAI-LATTE seminar by Professor James Dalziel - June 27th (recording available here).
  • The Design and Assessment of 21st Century Learning Environments by Assistant Professor Erica Rosenfeld Halverson and Professor Richard Halverson - June 20th (recording available here.)
  • Concept Mapping by Dr Beat Schwendimann - June 13th (recording available here).
  • Combined CoCo-CHAI-Latte seminar by Professor Yannis Dimitriadis - 30th May (recording available here).
  • A framework for sustainable mobile learning in schools - Associate Professor Wan Ng - May 23rd (recording available here).
  • Literacy in the Wild: Tracing Adolescent Literacy Practices in Online Affinity Spaces - Jen Scott Curwood, PhD - 16th May (recording available here - please note, the audio is low).
  • Promoting Innovation In On-Line Adults Learners - Dr Begoña Gros - 15th May (recording available)
  • The impact of task design, exploration strategy, and instructional support on discovery learning outcomes, Associate Professor Barney Dalgarno - 9th May
  • Teaching computer programming to the masses, presented by Associate Professor and ARC Australian Research Fellow, James Curran - April 18th (recording available)
  • Panel on the future of networked learning - Peter Goodyear joined Etienne Wenger at a plenary panel at the 2012 Conference on Networked Learning - 1-4 April 2012
  • Computational Scientific Inquiry - an IISME seminar presented by Professor Michael Jacobson and Dr Charlotte Taylor - 28 March 2012
  • Modelling of long-term intended learning - a CoCo-CHAI-LATTE joint seminar with Tim Lever - 28th March 2012
  • Let's just keep doing what we've always done - Mark Liddell - 21 Mar 2012 - (recording available)
  • Learning, teaching and epistemic fluency - Dr Lina Markauskaite - 14 March 2012
  • Multi-mediators Models of Learning (Seminar with Prof James A Levin, UCSanDiego) - 25 Jan 2012