Research on Learning and Educational Innovation Seminar series

The Wednesday seminars

We run a weekly seminar series hosting local and international experts who present research on learning and educational innovation. Seminars run on most Wednesdays in semester. Please note we are in a new room this year, room 612 of the Education Building.

Some Research on Learning and Educational Innovation seminars will be available live online, dependent on the presenter's permission. See the individual seminar page (where available) for more information.

Jul 29 special seminar with Dr. Jimmie Leppink

On July 29, from 11.00am to 12.30pm, CoCo and STL will host a special Research on Learning and Education Innovation seminar - In search for an optimum: From regulated self-learning to self-regulated learning with Dr. Jimmie Leppink of Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

"Empirical research inspired by cognitive load theory has resulted in a wide range of guidelines for instructional and assessment design. During my talk, I will discuss how these guidelines can provide a coherent framework for the development of a curriculum, coursework or an individual learning trajectory. Given that assessment methods and learners’ beliefs about these methods can stimulate or hamper learning, it is important to translate end terms of a program, course or trajectory into a coherent assessment program at an early stage. I will discuss how such an assessment program combined with appropriate learning analytics can help to stimulate learning through an enhanced self-regulation on the part of the learner.

The talk will be followed by a roundtable where we will discuss what challenge(s) – in practical setting or research – are you dealing with in this context and you would like to discuss? If you wish to submit an abstract, please send no more than 250 words to j.leppink(at)

This seminar will take place in room 612 and will not be available live online or recorded. More informationhere.

This is a special event. Our regular seminar series restart on 12 Aug with a presentation by Wenming Zheng

Semester 1 Seminars

Date Presenter Title
1-Apr-2015 David Boud The changing face of feedback research
8-Apr-2015 Kate Thompson & Pippa Yeoman A multimodal method for analysing complex learning
15-Apr-2015 David Ashe Epistemic challenges in inquiry science
22-Apr-2015 Boris Handal Implementing mobile learning in schools
29-Apr-2015 Roberto Martinez Maldonado - in Rm 221, Design Studio Using multiple surfaces for collaborative learning and design for learning
6-May-2015 Lucila Carvalho Analysing online and place-based spaces for networked learning
13-May-2015 Davinia Hernández-Leo Design for learning: communities and flexible design processes
20-May-2015 Rob Ellis & Peter Goodyear Modelling complex learning spaces
27-May-2015 Jos Boys Building better universities
3-Jun-2015 Bob Fox Assessment driving the learning ... technology supporting the process
10-Jun-2015 Janette Bobis Exploring the upward and downward shifts of student mathematical engagement
17-Jun-2015 Fredrik Rokenes - in Rm 221,  Design Studio Developing student teachers’ digital competence in Norwegian teacher education: finding meaningful ways of teaching ESL with ICT
24-Jun-2015 Shirley Alexander Leading and managing a new vision for higher education learning: linking curriculum, technologies and learning spaces


  • When: Wednesdays, 11am. Seminars usually run for an hour followed by a 30min Q&A session.
  • Where: Rm 612 of the Education bldg. (Unless otherwise specified in the seminar's description page).
  • Online: Some Research on Learning and Educational Innovation seminars will be made available online at the time of the seminar using Adobe Connect, at the discretion of the speaker. They may also be stored online and if so the URL/addresses for each recording will be published via the CoCo announce mailing list.
  • Coffee talk: Join everyone for coffee, cocoa and biscuits before each seminar at 10:45.

Special events and lectures

  • 16 Apr || Hearing, listening and reading in school-aged children with Mridula Sharma.
    A Research on Learning and Educational Innovation: special lectures co-presented by the Neuroscience & Education Special Interest Group.
  • 26 Mar || Neuroscience and Development: Implications for Education and Training with Professor Ian Hickie
    A Research on Learning and Educational Innovation: special lectures co-presented by the Neuroscience & Education Special Interest Group.
  • 17 Mar || Telling the quiet stories of education design with Dr Catherine Burke
    A research on learning spaces seminar, hosted by Dr Helen Proctor.

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Past seminars

Previous seminars have involved topics such as:

  • Networked learning
  • Learning in virtual worlds
  • Using Mobile Devices for learning
  • The design and assessment of 21st Century learning environments
  • Educational design

See our past events for details.