Teacher salaries

In Australia, teacher salaries are generally above the average weekly earnings and a beginning teacher's salary is above the average salary for new graduates. NSW teachers are among the best paid teachers in Australia. This page provides a sample of the available salaries.

The complete salary scale for teachers in NSW government primary schools, secondary and TAFE colleges – including allowances, special conditions and casual rates – can be found on the
NSW Department of Education and Communities (Salary and Allowances) website.

School-based positions

From January 1, 2015, the base salary – or, where applicable – minimum starting salary for teachers of various classifications in NSW government schools were as follows:


Four-year-trained teacher (eg BEd, BA/BTeach) – Salary Step 5


Five-year-trained teacher (eg BA/MTeach, BSc/MTeach, BEd/BA, BEd/BSc) –
Salary Step 6


Highest salary-scale classification of classroom teacher – Salary Step 13


Subject head teacher in a secondary school


Deputy principal (secondary school)


Primary school principal (PP1: 701+ students)


High school principal (Grade 1)


Non-school-based positions

From January 1, 2015, the salaries for non-school-based teaching positions in NSW included:



Principal education officer


Senior education officer [highest classification]