School-counselling accreditation

In NSW, accredited school counsellors are qualified teachers who also have postgraduate qualifications in psychology (honours or the equivalent of a fourth year of study in psychology) sufficient for eligibility for registration with the Psychology Board of Australia. As well, they require specific qualifications in school psychology or school counselling.

The graduate-entry course in school counselling is ideal for persons who wish to work as school counsellors and have:

  • the appropriate level of training in psychology

  • completed units of study at a tertiary level that meet the prerequisites for the graduate-entry secondary-school-teaching course in at least one curriculum area. (This is important because, although graduates will probably never work as classroom teachers, they must have a teaching qualification in order to gain school-counselling accreditation.)

The curriculum-area prerequisites for admission to the graduate-entry school-counselling course are listed on the MTeach prerequisites for school counselling page.