MTeach FAQs – international applicants

Q. I completed my degree in the UK, am I eligible to apply?
Yes. You still need to meet the same prerequisites as local applicants even if you do not wish to teach in NSW or Australia. If your degree does not meet the prerequisites then you will need to do further study prior to being accepted into the course. International students need to apply through the International Office.

Q. I am on a Spouse Visa. Am I classified as an international or local applicant?
Local applicants are Australian or NZ citizens or holders of Australia Permanent Resident or Humanitarian visas. All other applicants are international.

Q. I will become a permanent resident in December. Do I apply as a local or international student?
Unless you hold a permanent resident visa when you submitting your application, you must apply as an international student. After you obtain your visa, you can change your status to local.