Prerequisites for the Master of Teaching

The prerequisites for particular MTeach courses at the Faculty of Education and Social Work are listed in detail the pages dedicated to those courses, however, regardless of the course being undertaken, graduate-entry teaching degrees in NSW have four basic prerequisites. These are outlined below.

  • Completion of a first degree at an accredited university, for example, a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. TAFE qualifications and work experience are not sufficient for admission.

  • A good academic record. The program has high academic standards, so applicants who have a pattern of 'fail' grades or conceded passes will not be offered a place.

  • Proficiency in the use of English language (oral and written) and mathematics. Good oral communication is essential. If English is not your first language, you will also need English certification. For more information, see English Language Requirements.

  • Completion of university studies in subjects you wish to teach. At a minimum you must satisfy the accreditation requirements of the Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards (BOSTES), [formerly the NSW Institute of Teachers (NSWIT)] for each curriculum area in which you are hoping to gain teaching qualifications.

The secondary-school curriculum-area prerequisites published on this website are subject to change and revision. Check back regularly for prerequisite updates.

Conditional offers to secondary teaching and school counselling

Applicants who are one unit (equivalent to one quarter of a semester of full-time study) short of meeting the prerequisites for admission to the Master of Teaching (Secondary) and Master of Teaching (School Counselling) may be given special permission to study the deficient units at another faculty or institution while also studying for their teaching qualification. Permission for concurrent studies is conditional upon the availability of places and:

  • preference will be given to applicants who meet all the prerequisites at the time of enrolment

  • may involve payment of full fees for concurrent coursework

  • will only be granted to applicants who have a good academic record (for example, a credit average, or honours or higher degree)

  • will only be given if the additional unit does not impinge on attendance at compulsory timetabled courses

  • the onus is on the applicant to find a suitable unit of study to meet the subject prerequisites specified in their conditional offer

  • the unit must be taken in the first semester – concurrent study in the second, third or fourth semesters of the course is not normally possible for full-time candidates because of the block practicum sessions that occur in each of these semesters

  • no more than one concurrent unit of study will be approved.

Non-award study to achieve prerequisites

Applicants who do not meet the subject accreditation requirements for their desired degree and who are ineligible for special admission and concurrent study, will need to complete the extra units as non-award (non-degree) students before enrolling in the MTeach designation of their choice. This type of study can be undertaken at any university but prospective students should be aware it will attract full fees because it does not qualify for HECS support. Enrolment should be sought at your preferred institution through the faculty at that institution that offers the necessary units.

Teacher-accreditation requirements

Accreditation to teach in NSW schools as a primary or secondary teacher is determined by the Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards (BOSTES), (formerly the NSW Institute of Teachers).

Although the prerequisites listed on these pages are designed to meet the accreditation requirements, it is the responsibility of each applicant to determine their eligibility for accreditation with prospective employers (based on their individual academic qualifications, including those completed before enrolment in the Master of Teaching). International applicants, who do not wish to be accredited in NSW, may apply for special permission to enrol if the accreditation requirements of overseas employing authorities differ from those that apply in NSW.

Further information about the minimum requirements for accreditation as a primary or secondary teacher in the New South Wales school system is available from the BOSTES.