Master of Indigenous Languages Education

Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma

A postgraduate degree program exclusively for Indigenous Australian applicants.

If you are considering applying for enrolment or for further information, contact acting program director Susan Poetsch.

The program does not lead to accreditation as a teacher or a professional teaching qualification, however, the coursework involved in the graduate certificate, graduate diploma and master’s degree provides both professional development for teachers and training for others to assist teachers or work in community education in Indigenous Australian languages.

The NSW Department of Education and Training accepts this program as providing appropriate training for qualified Aboriginal teachers seeking additional approval to teach an Aboriginal language.

The program has been designed to meet the need for qualified instructors to participate in the delivery of Indigenous Australian languages education programs in a range of educational settings.

The graduate certificate is completed in one semester; the graduate diploma in one and a half semesters; and the master's in two semesters (a full year).

All units of study are delivered in block mode; students are required to attend classes at the Camperdown campus for six one-week blocks each year with the remaining study taken at home.

Dates for block study in 2018

The master’s program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively implement the NSW Aboriginal Languages Syllabus from Kindergarten to Year 12, as well as being equipped to teach syllabi from other states and territories.

Course content is arranged into three strands – linguistics, theory and practice strands – and is applicable to all Indigenous Australian languages. Students do not need to be fluent in an Indigenous Australian language to enter the course and may undertake external study in a language, from an approved provider, as part of the master's program.

Entry requirements

Postgraduate programs in Indigenous Languages Education are available to Indigenous Australians only. Applicants are required to confirm their identity in accordance with the University’s Confirmation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Identity Policy 2015.

To be accepted into the graduate-certificate program, applicants must have completed a minimum two-years’ study toward a teaching qualification: a Diploma in Education (Aboriginal) or equivalent.

From 2014, master’s applicants must submit proof of successful completion of one year of relevant professional experience in education in addition to either of the following:

  • a Bachelor of Education from the University of Sydney or an equivalent qualification

  • a bachelor's degree and a graduate diploma in Education from the University of Sydney, or equivalent qualification.

The Graduate Diploma in Indigenous Languages Education is awarded to students enrolled in the master's program who choose to discontinue their studies after completing the requirements for the graduate diploma. Because of this, it is impossible to enrol directly into the GradDipILE. Students wishing to undertake this program must enrol in the master's course.

Course structure

All units of study in the Master of Indigenous Languages Education (MILE) program are worth six credit points. Master’s candidates are required to complete eight units of study, including:

  • four core units
  • all three elective units from the MILE list
  • one capstone unit.

Graduate Diploma candidates are required to complete six units of study, including:

  • four core units
  • two elective units from the GradDipILE list.

Graduate Certificate candidates are required to complete the four core units of study.

Core units of study

Elective Units for GradDipILE

Elective Units for MILE

Capstone units of study for MILE

Further study

Students undertaking the Master of Indigenous Languages Education may proceed to enrolment in a postgraduate research degree in education on the basis of exemplary results in their studies.


Tuition fees are reviewed annually. The most up-to-date estimate for the MILE articulated-program course fees are published under the Fees for domestic students ‘Essentials’ for the Master of Indigenous Languages in the Sydney Courses database.